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The Ash

"I survived dozens of battles. I've seen men blasted apart with magic I will never be able to understand, and I have walked through a battlefield littered with the bodies of my soldiers, my kinsmen, my friends. They were brave men and women, who would do anything to protect their loved ones. I fought on.   But as long as I can still hold a sword, I will fight to my dying breath to never set foot on that ashen soil again." - Journal of Captain Eckart Nadja, 1st Sokol Crusade, 3829   The Ash was once home to the vibrant and powerful country of Sokol. Overnight, this proud country fell without a sound, and was replaced with a barren wasteland of undeath. Grass crumbled to dust, the sky was blotted with clouds that rained ash, and undead roamed the wastelands.   This event came to be known as the Sokolan Cataclysm. Two major efforts were made to reclaim the kingdom - the 1st Sokol Crusade and 2nd Sokol Crusade.   Even now, over one hundred and seventy years later, the brightest arcane researchers do not know what caused that cataclysm, and only storytellers and historians remember the people who once lived there. Most can only hope that it stays contained by forests and mountains, and the nightmare does not spread.

Fauna & Flora

Nothing grows in The Ash anymore. The landscape is dotted with husks of trees that refuse to topple, and seeds find no purchase in the dust that coats the ground.   The land is still, save for the hordes of undead that wander aimlessly across the horizon.

Alternative Name(s)
Ruins of Sokol
Location under
Central Aisoa
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