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Sokolan Empire


Sokol was ruled by a feudal monarchy, with several dukes and duchesses answering to the King or Queen of Sokol, and counts answering to each of the dukes, and so on. Lines of succession in Sokol were irrespective of gender, and most often titles and land were granted to the oldest child. This was occasionally subverted by individual houses' customs, and traditions of individual families were held above the common succession laws.   This lead to some complexity, and because of this most marriages included formal contracts that defined whose name would be taken, how inheritance would be handled, and numerous other matters. Proposals between nobility often included dozens of iterations on legal documents before it could even be announced, often lasting months.


Sokol maintained a standing army and large naval fleet, paid for by the significant reserves in the treasury - a wealth gathered over hundreds of years of largely peaceful and prosperous rule.   The large country was self sufficient, and primarily imported luxury goods from other countries over the sea and south through the Katarine Heights. Horses were a frequent export of Sokol, and numerous wild horses meandered across the nation's gentle hills and grasslands. Even poor families were generally able to afford horses, and more than one noble house had built their fortune on trading well trained warhorses to other nations.


Sokol was a country that existed from 2020 EC to 3828 EC when it was destroyed in the Sokolan Cataclysm, leaving most of its inhabitants dead.


All living creatures in Sokol at the time of the Sokolan Cataclysm were killed and raised as undead. Though a small number of Sokolan natives survived thanks to being out of the country at the time, they have been mostly scattered among Central Aisoa.

Foreign Relations

Early in its existence Sokol conquered the valley it soon filled through a short military campaign. Its expansion was contained by the Great Forest to the west, Katarine Heights to the south, and Rosemouth Mountains e to the north.   It remained largely peaceful afterwards, fighting several small defensive wars but otherwise maintaining strong relations with neighboring countries. It traded primarily over sea, save for Strossenberg who jointly maintained a circuitous trade route through the Katarines with Sokol.   It had an incredibly strong bond with Strossenberg thanks to Queen Lecina Torneur aiding refugee dwarves in founding their city.

Founding Date
2020 EC
Geopolitical, Country
Head of State
Tarik Ghislane
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Subsidiary Organizations
Central Aisoa
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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