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Gunther Ghislane

King Gunther Ghislane

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Gunther Ghislane, named after a close friend of his father, was the ruling King of Sokol at the time of the Sokolan Cataclysm.   A well liked king of minor note prior to the cataclysm, King Ghislane inherited the throne from his mother Rosaline Ghislane and had been in the 21st year of his rule at the time of the cataclysm.   He had four children from two marriages. His first marriage with Rosaline Lien produced his first son Asger, who remained the first in line to succeed him. His first wife passed due to a sudden illness, and his second marriage to Annika Maryse some years later resulted in three more children, Pieter, Nora, and Tarik.

Current Location
Sokol City Ruins
Ancient Sokolan
3756 3808 52 years old
Gender Identity
Known Languages
Sokolan, Stross Dwarvish

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Character Portrait image: Chomei by SYoshiko


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