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Pieter Ghislane

Prince Pieter Ghislane (a.k.a. The Bold)

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Pieter was considered a particularly handsome man in Sokol, and sought after by many of the young nobility of the court. He openly courted men and women, though he was more reserved among women as he was not willing to risk an accidental pregnancy. His partners changed with some regularity, and he got a reputation as a particularly flighty person.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Pieter Ghislane, second son of King Gunther Ghislane and first son of Queen Annika Maryse, was a Prince of Sokol at the time of the The Ash, and second in line to the take the throne.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Pieter was a well respected tournament participant and skilled rider. He participated and was victorious in numerous tournaments, winning most jousting events and placing well in duels.   He was attended to and mentored by Sokolan generals for most of his childhood, and was well on his way to taking over command of an army himself.

Intellectual Characteristics

Pieter was loud and often boastful - admittedly he did accomplish the feats to back up his boasts. He was quick to reiterate his accomplishments to support his arguments, and many nobles of the court considered him brash and particularly easy to anger. Despite this, he conducted himself respectably and fairly, even when his reactions fully displayed his true feelings.   He was often found attempting to outdo his older half-brother's accomplishments.

Ancient Sokolan
3800 3828 28 years old
Circumstances of Death
Presumed dead in the Sokolan Cataclysm
Gender Identity
Short, chocolate brown
Skin Tone

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Character Portrait image: The King by Li Zehao


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