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Ancient Sokolan

" 'Ancient Sokolan' is a bit of a lie, eh? Some of me best childhood friends were Sokolans, and ye don' see me callin' meself 'Ancient Jarik'! Ach, I miss 'em though." - Jarik Foesteel, dwarven bartender

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

  • Lucette Amarante
  • Pénélope Hadrien
  • Félicité Lorette
  • Céleste Séraphin
  • Octavia Sandra

Masculine names

  • Léontine Corentin
  • Cyprien Hyacinthe
  • Jean Ludivine
  • Samson Edgard
  • Rémy Lucie

Other names

Tourneur - Old royal family, long since faded from history   Ghislane - The most recent royal family that ruled Sokol. They died out during the creation of The Ash, but there are rumors of long lost heirs.


Major language groups and dialects

During the empire's prime, the Sokolan people were generally bilingual, speaking both Sokolan as well as the Stross-dialect of Dwarvish.

Average technological level

The Sokolan people as a whole were well regarded as researchers of both the arcane and mundane, with even children taught the basics of how magic worked even if they never learned how to actually cast spells. Mage colleges were relatively common compared to other nations, and visitors traveled from distant lands to learn from the Sokolans.

Common Dress code

Sokolans often wore light, flowing clothing fitting for traveling the hilly grasslands and wetlands that made up much of the western portion of the empire. Robes, skirts, and kilts featuring the green, black and gold of Sokol's flag remained ever popular.

Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken

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