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Asger Ghislane

Crown Prince Asger Ghislane

Physical Description

Facial Features

Asger inherited his father's strong jaw and straight hair, and his mother's complexion and eye color.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Asger Ghislane, son of King Gunther Ghislane and Queen Rosaline Lien, was the Crown Prince of Sokol at the time of the The Ash, and heir to the kingdom. His mother passed away when he was young, leaving him the only child from King Gunther's first marriage.   A quiet man with an air of gravitas, Asger was taking the responsibilities of being heir to the throne quite seriously. Well trained in the sword and a deft leader, he often had a humbling effect on others, but was well liked as a fair and just leader.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Asger was a skilled combatant, but other than jousting, rarely participated in tournaments. He instead favored private tutors and sparring partners hired from around the land, to better be prepared for any eventuality. He forewent the longsword that most nobles learned, and instead practiced with the same sorts of greataxes that most average Sokolan soldiers used. He claimed this would give him a better idea of the life of the men he would lead.


Family Ties

Asger had three half-siblings from King Gunther's second marriage, with whom he generally got along well.   Prince Pieter considered himself something of Asger's rival - not in matters of succession, but of a more brotherly rivalry, and Pieter often pushed himself to break records his older half-brother had set. This was particularly noticeable in jousting tournaments, which Asger had been a frequent competitor in earlier in his life.

Social Aptitude

Crown Prince Asger spoke rarely and carefully, but when he did, people tended to stop and listen. He made calculated decisions and had an incredibly level head in all parts of his life.

Ancient Sokolan
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Crown Prince of Sokol
3793 3828 35 years old
Circumstances of Death
Presumed dead in the Sokolan Cataclysm
Sokol City
Gender Identity
Medium length straight chocolate brown
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
House Ghislane
Other Affiliations

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Character Portrait image: 战士01 by 周 亮


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