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The most common dye in Stenza use is derived from the Ṣef̂ǒl flower, which is used to produce vivid yellow bands that designate those who work in dangerous professions, as well as mark out Medical Doctors separately from other individuals in a given area. Ṣef̂ǒl was also the first plant to be cultivated specifically for dye and paint, for its strictly practical applications as a vivid indicator.   Stenza who have Red-Green Vision have cultivated dye colors out of 'Alashaia and other plants to indicate membership in the subculture they have formed and engage in. While the colors are harder for other Stenza to recognize, most of the patterns have become visual shorthand for the condition, and some have made their way into historical records.


Ṣef̂ǒl has been used to dye insulating mesh since the plant was discovered. That it allowed the easy spotting and removal of any vivid yellow bundle from apparent danger meant that the color quickly spread to indicate other things. There was even a period where Stenza painted walls with pigments derived from the plant to indicate hazards (a practice that saw a resurgence on spacecraft, where it is plastered absolutely all over the place from teleportation zones to kitchens).   The use of dye on fabrics in particular followed two distinct paths throughout Stenza history. Ṣef̂ǒl yellow became the prized color for uniforms, indicated in the Use of Ṣef̂ǒl Dye in Uniform dress code.   Meanwhile, individuals who had Red-Green Vision turned to 'Alashaia and a variety of other plants to process into dyes for fabrics, modeling the process after the one used for Ṣef̂ǒl. In this subculture the process was much less standardized, and a wide variety of patterns came into and fell out of fashion. Members of the community tend to dye and in some cases weave the garments themselves for personal wear, in contrast to the bright yellows used to indicate members of certain professions (or in the Environmental Protection Suit worn by pups of all stripes).
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Clothing / Accessory
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