Laira Panacea

A major source of exports from the deltas of the Laira River, the Laira Panacea is a base for a great deal of healing potions and concoctions in Moudon. The panacea is created by distilling and purifying the oils of the Blue Feather Fern's spores and can be used as a powerful healing tool on its own but when mixed with other herbs or diluted can be used for a variety of specific applications.

History & Usage


While Blue Feather Fern was first used by mashing its parts to make poultices and teas, the advent of basic alchemic studies brought forth the desire to begin to isolate the healing potential of the fern with fewer side effects like stomachaches and greater strength by concentrating it. Early attempts to distill it were met with side effects brought about by not purifying the oil afterwards, like blindness (by not clearing out the methanol used to draw the oils from the rest of the water soluble material). Further studies did finally reveal a process of creating a safe and reliable oil that is now known as Laira Panacea.


At first, there were nearly a dozen ways to distill the panacea with some ranging from 99% reproducible results to 12%. With that came a slew of charlatans' selling inferior or even misnomered products, and many ill people. About twenty-five years after the Alchemical Awakening. The first recorded process of distillation that was put into wider practise was that of Nelos, a Quati priest that had a keen interest in the healing arts. Their six-step process yielded near-perfect results at a reasonable cost if followed correctly. This process is one that is still used to this day. There are recent efforts, however, to see if an even stronger process can be developed.
Common State
Liquid, sometimes as pastilles
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