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Introduction to Campaign Three

The World of Frustengrad

In the last century, the human world has been wracked with wars. The Bajoc-Valen War that led to the formation of the Kingdom of Valen left the various consuls of the continent united, but since then the Schism of 3e744 has left them broken.

The Fractured Kingdoms, as they are known in passing amongst those old enough to remember when they were one, are weaker than their whole but none of them will admit it. In fact, many of them assert they are stronger alone than they were together.

In the far east lies the Overock Republic, centered around the economic confederacy of the Overock Trading Company and the family at its center. While the reach of the OTC is as broad as ever, the wealth of the family is shrinking (or at least the world perceives it to be) as the Company must spend more and more on tariffs and taxes to move their cargo across the continent.

Across the landscape lies the Thenn Clain, or in the common tongue The Gloran Clans, a feudal society of humans who are descended from the warriors of the Pit, now noble and loyal to the Jarls and Lieges of their clans. They look poorly on the Arcane and Natural magiks, with their great heroes instead vested with the powers of the Twelve Thanic Gods; paladins, clerics, and swordsmen of skill.

The far west lies a godless and lawless land, what was once the Westernlands now resides as Western Syndicate. Little is known of the hellscape that now resides in the deserts of the west, for few who venture into its dusty streets emerge. For sure some might have the misfortune of their bodies returning, but of those that do only the strongest return with their minds unbroken by the depravity of the source.

Between the extremes of the East and West lie the Kingdom of Valen and the Middle Kingdom. The most unperturbed by the Schism that left them broken, the people of these two great monarchies live much as they did in the days before the Break. The Valenic Senate, once only holding seats for the twenty-six consuls of the Kingdom which is served, has now almost tripled in number as no longer do Consulates and Kings sit in its halls but rather the Praetors and Governors of its many counties, coming from across the Kingdom every few years to vote on matters of importance and from their number elect their King, which is still as it has always been: A son of Tristun Baelior named Estel .

And the Middle Kingdom lives on, itself powered by the might of the Warlord of Salude, the Queen of the Lonely Island (now herself a Queen in Exile as she prefers), and of course the economic might of the Portsmouth King of Ironawn in Dwarvenkeep. These three keep the people of the Middle Kingdom happy and well-fed.

So, it remained this way for many years. Each broken but content in their lot as they navigated the new world.

Then came the Dungeons. And the world; forever changed.