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Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom has long held the tradition of peace amongst the kingdoms, and continues that tradition as a sovereign nation. After the Schism of 3e744, with the Kingdom shattered, the triumvirate powers of the Portsmouth King of Ironawn, the Queen of the Lonely Island, and the Warlord of Salude came together to decide their own fate. As powerful leaders in their own rights, they declared the Middle Kingdom a place of safety and peace amongst the tumults of the remaining Kingdoms of Frustengrad.


Itgiat Mountain

According the history, the Itgiat Mountain range is the oldest mountain range in Frustengrad. The First Mountain, and home of the King of Clans of the First Mountain. 


Schism of 3e744

The Middle Kingdom was all but unaffected by the Valenic Civil War. Taking a vow of neutrality amongst themselves, the Consulates of the Kingdom passed the year of the war and the subsequent turmoil before the Schism without incident. When Thenn Clain declared their independence, the Consulates of the Middle Kingdom made a pact in secret to quietly remove themselves from the near constant struggles of the political machinations of the Kingdom of New Valen  The High Triumvirate of the Middle Kingdom was formed as the commercial, military, and political centers (Dwarvenkeep, Gateway to the North, and the Lonely Island respectively) came together to protect themselves from the influences of others.

Dominatio nobis (Dominion Over Ourselves)

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