Kingdom of New Valen (Vay-lynn)

The Kingdom of New Valen (more commonly The Kingdom of Valen, or Valen) is the remnants of the once great first Kingdom of Valen that stretched from the Ulion Ocean to the borders of Paag and Moonisi, and from the the western shore of Frustengrad to the Wall of Great Magiks that separates Bajoc from the civilized world. Since it's inception the Kingdom of Valen has been protected by the Baelior Family, of which the latest heir is Estel Baelior who took up the mantle from his father, Redrick Baelior after he was slain during the Rebellion of the Schism of 3e744. Like any good Monarchs, the Baelior Family is beholden to the Valenic Senate, a cardinal of elected and inherited titles that vote with infrequency on which of the six Consuls of New Valen shall represent them as their King or Queen.


The Hills of the Halflings

The Halfling Hills, named for Valorn Del, are the ancestral homes of the halfling clans of Frustengrad. For hundreds of years, since long before the tribes settled this part of the continent, the halflings of these hills have lived, worked, played and have made the most exceptional whiskey, beers, and meads in the kingdom.

Isles of Dawn and Dusk

More commonly known as the Monster Islands, the Isles of Dawn and Dusk are a series of island chains the rest just off the shore of the Consuls of Southwater and Fishbeds. While it is necessary at times for ships to pass through the waters surrounding these islands, few enjoy the passage.

Southern Shalom Mountains

The Shalom mountains are the home of four of the dwarvish clans of Frustengrad, with the clans of Eeksur and Mavok standing within the borders of the Kingdom. The dwarven kingdom stands apart from the New Valen, though the Dwarf King of Eeksur sends a non-voting member to the Valenic Senate to note the machinations of the Human society.

The Great Fel

The kingdom of the Elves exists almost entirely inside the bounds of the Kingdom of Valen, with the greatest of the ancient Elven cities Ny'ale seated just south of the human settlement of Elflora. The Great Fel is a place of magic and terror, with many a traveler or adventurer who strayed from the King's Road that cuts through the wood disappearing, never to be seen again.



The Kingdom of Valen was established some fifteen years after the end of the Bajoc-Valen War, with the Overock and Baelior families coming together with the intention of uniting the independent Tribes of Frustengrad. Their success led directly to the establishment of the Consuls of Valen and subsequently the founding of the Valenic Senate and the anointing of Tristun Baelior as the first King of Valen.

The First Valenic Senate

Seeking to create a system in which each of the Tribes had a voice in their new kingdom, the Consuls came together and devised a system in which they would meet every seven years in the city of Vatica to discuss issues of importance to themselves. And every third meeting of this Valenic Senate, the consuls would vote from their number a High King of Valen.

Schism of 3e744

The Kingdom of Valen was caught unawares by the cessation of the Thanic Clans from the Kingdom, with High King Redrick believing the matter had been settled during the white peace arrangements. The Kingdom fractured as the Vanatian Consuls turned to their allies in the Fertilelands only to find the Overocks taking advantage of the chaos to cut ties with the Baelior family.
  It was a testament to the statesmanship of King Redrick that there was even a chance for the Kingdom to stay together and had it not been for the revolutionary that rose up to assassinate him in the final hours of the Schism, it is likely that the High King had a plan to bring the entirety of Valen together again. Instead, shortly after his death his son, Estel ascended to the throne and brought forth the New Kingdom of Valen.

The New Valenic Senate 

The kingdom fractured and a newly crowned monarch at the help created a time of indecisiveness for New Valen. In an attempt to consolidate power, a new Valenic Senate was created, where instead of the twenty-three consuls sitting as members, they inaugurated the almost four-score praetors as the ruling class of the Kingdom, answering only to the five remaining Consuls.

From the lips of Gods to ear of Man

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