Thenn Clain (θɪn Cleɪn)

Thenn Clain is the proper name for the gloran clans that live in the most north-western section of what was once the Kingdom of Valen. Each clan is led by a Jarl, who in turn has sworn fealty to the Jarl of Jarls; a king like entity who has risen to power through trials of combat and the respect of their peers. With an innate hatred for those that have any connection to the Bajocian , the Thenn Clain are directly responsible for the Schism of 3e744 due to the gloran clans feeling slighted by the resolution of the Valenic Civil War .


Sinnernemesis River

The strange and some say magical river that flows from the Izoladum Ocean into the Shalom Mountains. The Sinnernemesis acts as the conduit of major trade across Thenn Clain and into the Western Syndicate. Inexplicable, harsh, and prolific flooding closer to the border between the two kingdoms has been controlled over the centuries by feats of engineering and magic to allow great cities such as Oztar to be built along its banks.

Northern Emera Lakes

According to the legends, the Emera Lakes were created when the Great Flood waters receded and the deep recesses in the ground where a god had been slain created basins for the waters to catch in. Others say that the Emera lakes are an aquifer derived from the Garel Lakes flowing beneath the Shalom Mountains and possess magic equal in potency to the ancient lake.


Thenn Kary'ian

At the end of the Bloodstone Wars  the former slaves of the Urok Tribes of the West traveled north to find a new home. This migration became known as the Thenn Kary'ian, The Migration of Thanes. The slaves that would become the Thenn Clain made their homes in the cool regions south of the Shalom Mountains and founded what came to be known as the Gloran Clans.

Clain Hol

After theBajoc-Valen War, Thenn Clain begrudgingly agreed to sign the charter of the Kingdom and join their clans together as Consuls. Their anger at this Clain Hol, this Binding of Clans, ran deep in their blood and for generations, it stewed. 

The Schism of 3e744

After the Valenic Civil War  the Thenn Clain, once again bound by a treaty from those that were not Gloran, had finally had enough. Their clans rioted and five years from the end of the civil war, Thenn Clain declared their independence from the Kingdom of Valen and a return to the family dynasties of the time before the Bajocians had invaded their lands and they had been bound by the Overocks and Baeliors.

Glory, Honor, Thane

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Thanic Clans
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Economic System
Gold Drachma, Silver Superna, Copper Crux
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