Western Syndicate

The Western Syndicate was formed in the ashes of the Schism of 3e744. With the Thenn breaking away from the Kingdom, the chaos and lawlessness of the Westernlands became the rule in their consuls. For their own safety, the Kingdom of Valen cut themselves off from the violent wastelands, and those in power keep it by use of their wealth, subterfuge, and violence. The Syndicate is the home of the Senses Gang and all who seek to embrace the Chaos of the West.  



With no major landmarks and no defining features in the cruel desert of the west, the land that stretches between the shining cities of the Western Syndicate are known only as the Expanse. It is dangerous for its marauders and deadly for its heat. A remnant of a bygone tragedy, the Expanse is indiscriminate in its hatred and brings death and salvation with the ambivalent eye of a long forgotten god.


Schism of 3e744

After the Schism, the Westernlands shut itself off from the consuls in the rest of Frustengrad.

Trec D'abmn Lor Sewr (We hunt because we are strong)