Thenn Gloria

Mythology & Lore

Thenn Gloria, or the Thanic Gods, were originally a family of Thanes who traveled north to the House of Death to defeat him and conquer the very aspect of Death. The Thenn who would become Thenn Gloria were met with resistance by those they traveled with and a great battle ensued. Death watched and when the battle had taken its first victim the conflict was ended and the God of Death chose twelve of the Thenn to serve their people as the Thenn Gloria.

Divine Origins

A family of Thanic nobles and their ally’s road north to the shores of the Garel Lake, because there is was said that Death kept his home amongst the Flowers of Life. They rode fast to the small cottage were Death resided and challenged him to combat for their souls. What opened the door to great them was not the foreboding figure that imagined but a beautiful woman, slow moving and sad. She listened to the Thanes request and then bowed her head in thought and prayer.
- An Excerpt from the Thenn Gloria Scripture
The earliest and truly only religious text of Thenn Gloria is a single story of the same name which all Thenn grow up knowing. The story tells of how the gods were chosen and granted their boons.

Tenets of Faith

  • We serve Thenn Gloria, even as they serve Thenn Clain
  • Death is the final decision; no man or woman may usurp the will of the Oldest God.
  • All Thenn are of our Clain; even though conflict may arise, you must always remember those that are of blood and kin.
  • Our charge is to see every Thenn safely delivered to Thenn Gloria.


Thenn Gloria were granted their powers by the God of Death, and in appreciation of that gift, Thenn seek out and destroy all who attempt to circumvent death. The Knights of Miarck openly hunt necromancers, liches, and the undead. Their is also a strong sense of familial unity within the faith, and as such Thenn will fight to the death to protect another of the kin from others.


When the gods returned to the Thenn Clain as anointed chosen, they each took a subset of their clans as their own. The most prevalent of those were the Knights of Miarck, warrior priests who serve as the divine light of the Thenn Gloria. In tandem with the Knights are the Shieldmaidens of Advalum. The God of Righteous Combat and the Goddess of Noble Defense each send their emissaries to root out evil and those who tamper with the domain of Death and to protect the homeland of the Thenn Clain.   Other minor cults such as the Forgivers, who serve Iri and are healers and confessionants, or the Graystriders, who serve no god specifically but instead the balance between good and evil, life and death, are considered religious orders but not of the same stature as a Knight or a Shieldmaiden.