Overock Trading Company

The Overock Trading Company (also known as The Overocks, the OTC, or the Company) originated sometime during the beginning of the Third Era, and quickly became an economic force to be reckoned with. Due to the fact that it is predominantly a family organization, many of its inner workings are unclear to the outside world. Most people know three things of note:
  1. The Overock Trading Post has most any basic goods that one needs for generally reasonable prices.
  2. Being indebted to the OTC is sometimes a fate worse than death.
  3. A favor owed by the OTC is worth more than a dwarven horde.



Ranked Officers

  • Chief Officer: A member of the OTC who holds the name Overock and has put in decades of service to the family. A Chief Officer, or Chief, is someone of import and generally very very rich. Their pay is based on the performance of the various company men that work beneath them.
  • Second Officer: Generally a member of the Overock family, the Second Officer takes command of the various companies when the Chief officer cannot. Generally, the Second Officer, or Second, is in training to take the position of Chief when the Chief Officer retires, or to one day be given their own command.
  • Master of Trade: Individuals who are granted the control of a Ship, a trade caravan, or an individual storefront. Given the command of various Ungentle workers or company men, Masters of Trade are respected and powerful members of the OTC who answer directly to Chief Officers.
  • Surgeon / Sloop: Non-family representatives who are charged with the protection and guidance of the Trade Caravans and Ships belonging to the OTC. Surgeons protect and serve the individuals who work on Trade Caravans, and Sloops generally captain and maintain the Ships of the Overock Merchant Navy.

Ungentle Workers

  • Guide
  • Tradesman
  • Middleman
  • Labourer



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