Overock Republic

The Overock Republic (also known as the Republic of Overock, or The OR, or the Republic) is one of the shattered kingdoms that was created during the Schism of 3e744. Led by the Overock Family, the Republic submits frequent issues for resolution to their citizens. It allows them an open forum to air any grievances or bring matters before the ruling class.


Favrenfel Mountain Range

The home of the dwarves in the east, the Favrenfel Mountain range is the most extended mountain range in Frustengrad. It holds five dwarven halls beneath its exterior, and it is a physical and impassable border between the Republic and the Empire of Bajoc.

Drydock Shalebeds

Once a part of the Kingdom of Valen, the Consul of Drydock joined the Overock Republic after the Schism, and brought with it the abundance of natural resources at its disposal. The Drydock Shalebeds became an immediate major import / export area for the Republic.

The Wall

At the end of the Bajoc-Valen war, a massive magical wall was erected without anyone's knowledge and fundamentally ended the entire experience. Since then, no one has managed to breach the wall, despite the efforts of over a hundred years of arcane attempts.


The Scism of 3e744

The Overock family was well on its way towards declaring independence for the Golden Coast when the Schism of 3e744 began. The Gloran Declaration sent ripples throughout the Kingdom of Valen and across the Ahaataap Sea. Seizing their opportunity, the Overock family declared their independence even as the consuls of the Fertilelands began to peel off from the Kingdom. When the Schism was over, the Golden Coast found itself to be an economic and political power in the area. 


As the pieces of the kingdom fell around them, the Republic began to form. The Overock family summoned the Consulates of the free nations to the city that bears their name, and put to them an ancient dwarven rite: A clanmet. For many months of deliberation, the clanmet spoke on leadership and structure. Through movement and favor, the Overock family became the leaders of the Kingdom, a merchant-monarchy in all but name and title. Though it calls itself a republic, it only can claim this title through the frequent polling of its citizenry to gain insight into their decisions.

From our shores to our strongboxes, we protect all.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Merchant Kingdom
O.R.C (Overock Republic Citizen), Republican
Government System
Banana Republic
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
Neighboring Nations