The Bajoc-Valen War

The Bajoc-Valen war was a continent-wide conflict that spanned a twenty-year period during the end of the 7th century, 3e. While some scholars dictate that the United Tribes (which became the Kingdom of Valen) won the conflict, other more recent revelations have shown that the Bajocian military was without equal and would have soundly emerged victorious without the assistance of magiks and the sudden and mysterious creation of the Wall of Great Magiks.  

Military Force Capability

According to rough estimates taken after the end of the war, it is estimated that at its height, the war consisted of no less than three simultaneous fronts in Bajoc, what is now considered Vanatia, and the Sieges of Salude. Estimates of casualties on the Bajocian side are approximately three-hundred thousand standard military units, while the United Tribes lost upwards of five-hundred thousand standard military units, in addition to several thousand dedicated spellcasters, including the order of Wizards known asĀ The Five.  

Special Forces

Within the Bajocian military, it came to be known after the war that an elite guard of extra-normal soldiers referred to as the 99th Corps was the cause of much of the chaos and destruction that was usually attributed to the Bajocian Military as a whole.