Timeline of Miurag

Before Serenity

  • -1900 B.S.

    A New Queen in the Desert

    Queen Alyarra rises to power in the Red Desert.

  • -700 B.S.

    Queen-Mother gives birth
    Life, Birth

    Quee'sans Innathi and Ishuna are born two decades apart

  • -100 B.S.

    The Abyss gets a Hold

    Ishuna falls to Braqth and the Abyss

Serenity Era

  • 1 S.E.

    Serenity is Summoned

  • 100 S.E.

    Sivaraus is Founded

    The Davrin arrive at the Great Cavern and establish Sivaraus. Ishuna becomes The Valsharess.

  • 3097 S.E.

    New Blood for the Sisterhood

    Sirana is collected for the Red Sisterhood

  • 3100 S.E.

    To the Surface

    Sirana is sent on a mission to the Surface together with Jael and Gaelan

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