Ma'ab are bipedal sentient, tribal race with mild magical essence but a far-traveling Vis. Average lifespan is 75 years. They age very quickly; their prime and beauty in comparison to other races and each other is brief. Their eyes are small and varied in shape; their ears are blunt and round. Their skin is smooth but often covered in patches of hair; scars easily. They have no tail.


General Appearance

Hair and irises of the eyes are uniformly black, skin is uniformly white/pale, no freckles. Eyes have minimal epicanthal fold and palpebral slant.

Most extreme difference between men and women. A Ma’ab male consistently weigh 3 times that of a Ma’ab female and are typically one-third taller. This and a higher risk in childbirth results in a sharp division of labor, with a civic/political matriarchy and a hyper-masculine military. Men grow no facial hair.


Culture and Heritage

Geographic origin: Greylands slave race which crossed over to Miurag and settled in the Northeast quadrant of the continent, displacing or absorbing large portions of Noiri Humans. New and very disruptive at only 500 years in existence.



Magical heritage: Nexus-touched, strong death magic line, strong heritage. Mages are known for death magic and arcane studies. A pseudo-divine focus exists based on the seven Ascended (liches) of the Ma'ab. Elemental, shamanistic, divine, life, and mystical magics are still weak but present from Noiri-interbreeding, although an individual with one of these affinities has a low chance of escape/development from the Ma’ab caste system. Insanity or enslavement of Ma'ab "outlier" mages is frequent.

Currently no observed psionic heritage.

Northeast of the continent
Black hair and pale skin tone
~75 years

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