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The World of Miurag

"Nothing which has defined your life began with you, Sirana."
~Elder D'Shea, The Daedal Pit

The Sister Seekers begins in the underground city of Sivaraus, home of the Davrin Elves of Miurag, ruled by the Valsharess.

The story is told from the view of a young Dark Elf named Sirana Thalluensareci, the Third Daughter of a middle Noble House. Her adult life looks bleak: a barren, cyclical dance of bowing to sadistic Priestesses of Braqth and enduring the vindictive plots of status-seeking peers.

Sirana meets the Red Sisters and the Wizards of the Tower. Among them, she hears quiet confessions of an astounding truth: that the network of caverns and tunnels in the Deepearth end and the ceiling above vanishes. Few Dark Elves have been to the Surface and returned, and the reasons for these journeys are unclear.

Caught up in a power struggle which will catapult Sirana to see the moons and stars for herself, it is now that Miurag's ancient story begins to unfold before courageous blue eyes.

People of Miurag

The parts who make up the whole. Do they fight together, work as one, or go it alone?

Browse the Cast of Characters


Races of Miurag

The sentient doers and keepers of our story.

Learn about the Races of Miurag


The To'vah and their territories

The Dragon Guardians of Miurag.

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Gods and Outsiders

Beings of legendary power and influence on Miurag.

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Places in Miurag

Maps and notable locations. The past, told. The present, lived. The future, discovered.

Explore the Maps of Miurag


Society and Culture

Languages and the balance of civilization.

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The Nexus

The Greylords and the Greylands.

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Magic and Artifacts

Fantasy systems, symbols, and objects in the series.

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Chronology of important events in the series.

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Cross reference cast, locations, events and objects from the novels.

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Commissioned and fan-made art for the series.

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