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Valsharess Ishuna

The Valsharess

(Val-sha-'ress), , is a Davrin Elf and the ruler of a matriarchy in the underground city of Sivaraus. She is the eldest living Davrin and known by some to experience Visions warning Her of threats to their survival.

Her exact age is unknown among the populace, but Her long hair long ago turned solid blonde, and while She retains Her Elven grace, she also possesses age lines shared only by The Prime and Headmaster Phaelous. Although not in fact the tallest Dark Elf in the city and rarely raises Her voice to a subject, Her presence feels enormous when met face-to-face. Her ruling colors are royal purple and gold.



Only a few Davrin may know anything substantial about their Queen's past; they must first live long enough to observe what habits or patterns exist in the quiet and stately Seer. Otherwise, it seems as though She has always been here watching over the city, and it seems as though things have always been this way.


Historical records are unreliable as no two accounts of any lasting Noble House are the same and revisions occur every generation or so; neither their Queen nor their Goddess has any interest in changing this habit. Any scrolls or accounts of events in the earliest times of Sivaraus, from before the time formation of the Red Sisters, seem to have been destroyed or otherwise buried and not to be found.



For a race worshipping the chaotic and predatory goddess of the Spider Queen, a single Davrin Seer retaining Her power and authority for as long as Sivaraus as existed is nothing short of remarkable. The Valsharess does not claim to be the voice or avatar of Braqth; to gather power and sacrifice and to convey the Goddess's favor or disfavor to the people is the task of Her Priestesses and the Drider Keeper. Instead, She remains the ancient, anchoring mage and wise Seer providing what little certainty the masses can expect in their common lives.


A more privileged Matron, Priestess, or Elder Red Sister who climbs into the upper echelons of her respective rank usually learns enough to realize their Valsharess is the one true strength holding their city together. Should they retain their sanity after staring into that Abyss, they often remain terrified at the possibility of what might happen to Sivaraus without Her.


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Year currently unknown
City of V'Gedra, Red Desert   Affiliations
Matriarch of Sivaraus
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Valsharess Alyarra, mother
sire unnamed   Siblings
Innathi D'Alyarra, sister
Szoroan D'Shauranti
Mazdel (aka Avel)

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