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Davrin Elves (also called Baenar or Dark Elves) are a bipedal sentient race bonded together with strong magical essence. They age very slowly, nearly all possess broad-appeal beauty, from earthly attractiveness to ethereal grace. Their eyes are large and tilted up, their ears are long and tapered just short of extending past their skull. Their skin is soft and smooth with few blemishes, non-magical scars are not permanent. They have no tail.

Confirmed natural life span is up to 3,500 years. Potentially longer, but none in recent history have been observed to die of old age.


General Appearance

Their hair is usually snow white until maturity (600 years) or magical stress when it can mix blonde/gold. Any Davrin reaching 1,000 years is now fully blond/gold-haired.

Davrin have very dark skin ranging from violet-black to charcoal grey. Their eyes show white sclera, iris colors are mostly many shades of red. Uncommonly, eyes can be blue, green, purple, or topaz.

Female Davrin are modestly taller/stronger than male Davrin mostly from millennia-long culture preference for female offspring.


Culture and Heritage

Davrin Elves are restless with shorter memories; they are more likely to travel, thus more likely to encounter conflict.


Currently in the Sister Seekers series, the Davrin are forcibly isolated in one location and create conflict with each other.



Davrin are magic-essence creatures capable of all affinities, though the weakest by far is Death magic. Rare Dark Elf skills in death magic have been the influence from Zauyrian Humans or Outsiders, usually at severe cost to the Davrin mage’s long-term balance and sanity.

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Dark skin, white hair
Up to 3500 years

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