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Braqth (a.k.a. Spider Queen)

Braqth, Aka: The Spider Queen

(Brokth), , is the Abyssal deity of the Davrin Elves, also known as the Spider Queen.


This powerful entity does not have a physical form on Miurag but rather has worshippers and agents dedicated to channeling the Vis and Vitas of Miurag to Braqth's home plane of the Abyss, granting greater resources and power for her own ends.



The Abyssal Void is one of four diametrically opposing planes engaging in the Eternal War. The goals are simple: collect power and influence upon the Material Plane, extend one's reach through Existence, and reduce the same held by one's Adversaries.


The Abyss is home to demons, a plane of utter chaos and individual indulgence at the accepted expense of all others but the Self. There are as many competitors for power in the Void as there are entities, yet there is no collective memory for slights, only present obstruction to individual desires. Long-term plans are impossible before volatile storms erupt to fray tentative connections, only to continue gathering in new ones. The Abyss is a continuum of power always in flux and which seems to have no top, no bottom, and no end.


On Miurag

Braqth is worshipped by the Queen of the Davrin and Priestesses devoted to her generous magical rewards for exploring any base and intense impulse. Her worshippers thus seek mostly pleasure, fear, as well as the power over others to satisfy this hunger. All too often, they succumb to lust, envy, jealousy, and wrath.


To force some material and social structure upon a mortal world outside of the Void, the corruption is confined to focused ritual within a Priesthood and, within Sivaraus, balanced by a Queen unwilling to completely forget the past, even as her Goddess would like nothing more for all Davrin in the end.


Something Extra

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Ascended in Miurag
-100 B.S.E. in Koorul,
the Red Desert   Deity
Davrin Valsharess
& Priesthood of the Spider Queen

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