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Red Sisters

The Red Sisters are an all-female organization of highly trained Davrin warriors and assassins based in Sivaraus in the Deepearth. The existence of the organization is well known, although many operations, goals, and methods are kept secret amongst the members and the Queen.

The Red Sisters are the enforcers and bodygards of the Valsharess, acting as a balance to the powers of the Priestesses of Braqth and the Matrons of Nobility. The Sisterhood stands outside the military chain of command unless it is to seize the direction during a crisis. Besides being tasked with the personal security of the Valsharess and Her guests in the Palace, they are involved in clandestine operations, intelligence gathering, and play a major role in the protection of the Queendom itself.

Red Sisters openly wear the red leather uniform for which they are known as a statement of power and intimidation. Founded, led, and tested by The Prime, they carry out the Valsharess's public and political directives without mercy; their methods are often as brutal as they are efficient. None of the Queen's subjects dare to stand against a Red Sister unless they are prepared to die a painful death.




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