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Red Sister Panagan

(pah'-nah-gan), , is a Davrin born in Sivaraus.

Panagan is a young Red Sister known for her skill with an arrow in the dark. Although this is not a widely useful skill in bending tunnels and limited sight, she is very accurate given space and shorter range within the Great Cavern. She is considered average in most other things, from appearance to intelligence to sadism in serving the Sisterhood. She even has a small magical talent that awaits further tutelage.



House Betsunat is an isolated, low-ranking House squashed into a corner. It has the Low Gate market and barracks of Low Wall on one side, the largest swath of viable farmland feeding the city in front of it, and the near-impassable rock fill protecting them from the Drider Pit on the other side. The farmland also borders with the plantations of the Tenth House Itlaun, the Fifth House, and the Seventh Houses, the latter two kept to guarding the Drider Pit.

The Twentieth House hasn't many prospects beyond offering additional labor to work the land and additional fighers to tend Low Wall, hoping not to draw the attention of the Drider Keeper often. In this tight, immobile place, Panagan was born a Fourth Daughter serving Low Wall as an archer, her first skill to which she applied herself. With many tense cycles and fast-changing ranks leaving her feeling continually uprooted, Panagan learned to survive by not thinking too much and following those who acted like they knew what they were doing.



Even now, Panagan is not sure why the "collector" Lead Qivni arrived at Low Wall four decades ago to bring the archer in for the harsh trials of the Red Sisters. However, the ancient and powerful presence of The Prime flanked by two charismatic Elders, older than any female Pangan had seen before, convinced the youth in an instant that she wanted to set down roots with the Sisterhood. She would work for it so long as she didn't have to go back to being tossed around in Braqth's cyclic whim.

Panagan is a younger Sister who bonded quickly to Corpora Thena and her crew for protection, direction, and for an archer to learn to fight better in close quarters. This focus on melee and group intimidation led to a delay in the Sisterhood recognizing that Panagan had untrained mage talent, something she did not realize herself. The Prime wasn't interested in changing the balance between Elders so soon after Rausery already trained Panagan in some way to be useful, so the archer's true potential in magic remains a background torch for now.


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2952 S.E.,
House Betsunat, 20th
Red Sisters
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Corpora Thena
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