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Elder Rausery

Elder Rausery (a.k.a Elder General)

(raw'-zer-ee), , is a Davrin Elf born in Sivaraus.


Rausery is a taller Davrin with an air of composed confidence and the physicality to back it up. Her eyes are umber red, and her hair is usually cut to the nape of her neck and brushed straight back. She is old enough to have blonde hair coming in at her temples.

The Elder General has a sense of humor and it is not rare to see her smile out of the public view. She has a low speaking voice practiced in giving commands but she is slow to anger and often the mediator when The Prime and the Elder Sorceress D'Shea rise to heated debates.



Rausery was born in Low Gate, the slum of Sivaraus, to a restless deep trader who guarded the caravans of the Deepearth. Although she has memories of traveling with her mother, she was orphaned young and, without bonds to the caravans, spent longer surviving as a street urchin in the Valsharess's city.

Discovered by a poor, elder male who treated her as a daughter, he had survived longer than anyone she'd seen, and he had much to teach her. Under his tutelage, Rausery developed early instincts and skills which would ultimately serve the Sisterhood but began as a black market trader and information broker, making connections and safehouses unmonitored by ranking Houses. She accomplished this without mages and almost entirely without magic.

As her reputation grew in whispered circles, the Red Sister Prime would be called to deal with the problem. Before long, Fadele would find the ring leaders and slay most, breaking up the commerce which exploited the Houses. Rausery herself, instead of facing execution, was dragged by the Prime into Red Sister recruitment to undergo the trials.



Elder Rausery is the second-eldest Red Sister with only The Prime having seniority (about double her age). Where Elder D'Shea, her peer in rank, serves as the elegant and magically-inclined liaison to the Palace, Priestesses, and Nobility, Rausery serves as the grounded, logistical taskmaster for the majority of non-mages in the Sisterhood. She also steps in as needed to guide the Valsharess's Army during a crisis, be it a coup between Houses are an outside attack from Ornilleth or Tragar.


Rausery's Right Hand is the tacitern but loyal Lead Qivni, serving as the mage adviser when D'Shea is not available.


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2275 S.E., in Low Gate,
Red Sisters
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Reine, deep trader (mother)
Jaush Aurenthin (sire), 24th House
Jaek Aurenthin (half), 24th House
Izabet Dar'Prohn (half), Vuthra'tern
unnamed sire of daughter
Qivni   Children
Tahna, daughter (deceased)
Aligned Organization

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