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Varessa D'Shea

Elder Varessa D'Shea

Elder Varessa D'Shea (a.k.a Elder Sorceress)

(vah-reh'-sah d'shay) , is a Davrin Elf born in Sivaraus.

Varessa D'Shea is an intelligent mage who is the last of her House, recruited into the Sisterhood when House D'Shea was no more. Driven by amibition, she has risen to the powerful position of one of two Elders directly under The Prime. She has many subordinates to whom she delegates missions and tasks, but she also interacts directly with any Red Sister of any rank who interests her, including Lead Jaunda, and Red Sisters Gaelan, Reishel, and Sirana.


Compared to The Prime and Elder Rausery, the Elder Sorceress has a presence and appearance which conveys Palace elegance, scholarly persuit, and political cunning. She is the face which sways the public view of the Sisterhood away from being wholly composed of brutes opposing the Priestesses of Braqth. Already in possession of a keen memory for names, roles, and customs and adding to it the wealth of knowledge absorbed with scrolls and tutors, Varessa is one of the highest, formally-educated mages in Sivaraus outside of the Sanctuary.


While many Red Sisters cut their hair short for practicality, D'Shea keeps her hair long but swept up off her neck and styled. Her uniform is always clean and mended, custom fit to display her form at its most flattering. Her eyes are a dark crimson, her features unmistakably of Noble birth.



House D'Shea is largely forgotten with no land or ruins marking their existence. The only apparent connection Varessa D'Shea seems to have is with the Palace itself. Even before joining the Sisterhood, she engaged in Court politics with passion, challenging matrons older than her to debates and mage contests.


All her base needs were taken care of by the Palace, and with no land to cultivate or defend, Varessa could dedicate her time to intricate study of the Court, the Sanctuary, the Noble Houses, and the Wizard's Tower. It was for neither academic interest nor pure politics that Varessa focused on these groups, but as if she searched for Davrin lines and histories of particular interest to her. Any event, birth, or death past or present which intrigued her frequently saw further investigation, often in person. These visits increased upon joining the Sisterhood.



Varessa has relinquished her given name in favor of her vanished House, D'Shea. The Prime, Rausery, and other elder females will call her by her Court name, but every Red Sister recruit after her would know her only as D'Shea.


Elder D'Shea provides expert and updated knowledge of every major organization beneath the Valsharess. Her abilities and resources as a mage also helps to keep the Red Sisters relevant to the Wizard's Tower and the Sanctuary. She represents a significant balance for the Sisterhood, both internally and in relation to these other groups serving their Queen.


In many ways, her ceaseless drive for new angles and pressures where the Sisterhood can apply their influence has extended their reach into elite and lesser-known crevices the Prime never had any interest or talent delving into before, alternately opposing and working with the Sanctuary, the Tower, and the Noble Houses.


The shifting role of the Red Sisters has not gone unnoticed by elites who credit Elder D'Shea with spearheading the change, whether they praise her or curse her for it. To doubt that D'Shea has an agenda is ludicrous, but in a city of numerous conflicting agendas, hers is one of the most speculated and, for some, one the most feared.  

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2450 S.E., in Palace
in Sivaraus,
Red Sisters
House D'Shea (extinct)
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Headmaster Phaelous
Various Red Sisters, most recently:
Sirana   Children
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