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ree-shel', , is a Davrin Elf born of First House Byu'Fel in Sivaraus.

Reishel is a Red Sister demoted by the Prime for being the only surviving casualty in an Ornilleth conflict. She dropped from being a Corpora, her direct superior Lunent Nyllel, who reports to Lead Jaunda just underneath Elder D'Shea. She would become one of the few Red Sisters required to retread grueling trials, to once again prove her worth to her Sisters, or be executed.



Reishel's Mother held a strange if privileged position in the First House Byu'Fel. In status and restriction, she was a servant claimed from the last purge conducted by the Sisterhood at the Palace. However, Reishel's Mother was also aware she was a non-gifted Noble of the extinct House of D'Shea, and her lack of magic was reason for the bold abduction and her assimilation into the First House of Sivaraus, approved by the Valsharess. Proving brilliant with abstract concepts, she helped create new systems of tracking wealth and magical components despite neither owning or using them, ideas which filtered into the Wizard's Tower and the Sanctuary.

She bore several children as a servant, including Reishel, adding to the wealth of the First House. Reishel herself grew up in the shadow of her Mother, mimicking her as a servant set on the strange blend of restriction and pampering. When it became clear that she hadn't her Mother's brilliance or similar aptitude, however, she was one of several chosen to be sold to another House in that "trickle down" generosity the First House was known for.

Whether because she saw some worth or merely for spite, Elder D'Shea became involved in that auction, made an offer, applied pressure somewhere, and took Reishel for far, far less benefit than the First House had been hoping to claim for her.



Reishel is of average height, strength, and intelligence; a competent Davrin with an even temperament who vocalizes few questions. This makes her an excellent side-hand to delegate tasks and know they would get done.

Reishel not only looks like a Noble with above-average beauty but somewhat resembles a delicate Elder D'Shea. However, she lacks magical affinity. This leads to the Prime to underestimate her and has created speculation within the Cloister about whose Daughter she really is. For her part, Elder D'Shea does not remind or elaborate on how she obtained Reishel and shows no favoritism to this probable cousin.

The tradition of not discussing one's past with new Red Sisters is something Reishel has followed religiously as she waits patiently to be "forgotten" in her old life. This works as long as she does not spend long standing near her Elder for others to be reminded again of both the likeness and the lack.


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2959 S.E.,
in House Byu'Fel, First
Deepearth   Affiliations
Red Sisters
Show spoiler
3100 S.E., taken captive by Ornilleth
presumed dead/eaten or enthralled
Elder Mind conclave, Deepearth
Mother unnamed, registered servant
sire unnamed, registered servant
Various Red Sisters, most recently:
Elder D'Shea
Red Sister Gaelan
Red Sister Sirana
Aligned Organization

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