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Lead Jaunda

(jawn'-dah), , is a Davrin Elf born in Sivaraus.

Jaunda is physically intimidating in her red uniform, even standing still, and she takes great amusement in every drop of sweat inspired upon one's brow. She's a taller Dark Elf who prizes strength and endurance, but also humor.


Her eyes are a rust-red color, and she keeps her hair cut short, although sometimes it curls at her nape and over her forehead if she prioritizes sex and/or a new mission over a trim. She bears a slight resemblance to The Prime in stature, strength, and preferences for direct, often aggressive engagements over subtlety or political intrigue. However, any novice swiftly and easily learns how to tell the two apart from a safe distance. Jaunda keeps it simple for them; unlike their founder, she frequently laughs.



As their high-ranking and utilitarian Lead, few Red Sisters know where Jaunda came from, though she makes no effort to conceal that her origin couldn't have been from anywhere except a slum or a laboring family. She has a coarse tongue and sense of humor, doesn't bat an eye at getting her hands dirty, and doesn't ask recruits to do anything she can't do herself.


Her particular laugh is well-recognized as it tends to be loud when she indulges in close quarters. It's obvious she doesn't give two hangnails about the Palace or social climbing of Nobles and, in fact, has a poor memory for keeping track of the frequent changes. Although, she doesn't spend energy being hostile or contemptuous, either. It is what it is.



Jaunda is an expert fighter and wrestler, thoroughly trained in extensive wilderness survival. She acts as Elder D'Shea's Left Hand and bodyguard, and is the Lead Red Sister over two Lunents, four Corporas including Cilyan, and all their subordinate Sisters. Jaunda's peer is Lead Qivni, the Right Hand mage of Elder Rausery.


She serves the Sisterhood with all the focus and appearance that there's truly nowhere else she'd prefer to be.


Something Extra

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2690 S.E., likely Low Gate or Fringe
in Sivaraus,
Deepearth   Affiliations
Red Sisters
Show spoiler
Every Red Sister,
but her favorites are:
Corpora Kiren
Red Sister Lawret
Red Sister Graer
Red Sister Mela
Red Sister Sirana
Aligned Organization

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