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Lead Qivni (Right Hand, the Collector)

(kiv'-nee), , is a Davrin Elf mage born in the Sanctuary in Sivaraus.

Qivni has earned her rank as one of two Leads among the Red Sisters. She is the magical talent directly beneath Elder Rausery and is easy to recognize with dark, mahoganey-red eyes, perfectly straight hair in a tight bun off her nape (rarely mussed), and a stern, severe expression most of the time.

She is not known for smiling or having much sense of humor, so it is both a curiosity and a credit to her competence that Elder Rausery shows virtually no impatience with her Right Hand's moments of grousing or general attitude.



Qivni spent her childhood serving the Priestesses of Braqth, well aware that she was the abandoned Daughter of an acolyte who had been pregnant when she joined. If her birth mother had been alive then, no gossip of who she was ever seemed credible except for Priestess Wilsira. The Conceiver taunted her several times with the claim that she knew which Davrin had birthed her, and the reason there weren't even whispers left was because she failed the Sathoet ritual and died horribly.

"Perhaps you might to better in her stead in time, hmm?"

Qivni tried in vain to avoid the Conceiver's attention as she matured but was quickly caught up in the raising and protecting of the Consorts on the Fourth level of the Sanctuary. She found the least trouble when she was perfectly silent and dutiful and worked very hard.

She would never have guessed it was this very work ethic which would see her tossed out of the Sanctuary and into the Cloister of the Sisterhood before she was ninety.



Rausery and D'Shea discovered over the decades that Qivni possessed a desirable bearing and talent for approaching new recruits to be their earliest anchor for the Red Sisters. Favoritism didn't exist in this Lead; she possessed no vulnerability for being bribed or persuaded to go easier on some over others. As such, she also made a good messenger in general, trusted to deliver a secret message or deliberate action accurately and without delay.

She says little in general and practically nothing about herself, suppressing any visible ego. This impression of tight efficiency and keen focus she provides the Sisterhood makes her one of their more common public faces among those in the Cloister.


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2730 S.E., in the Sanctuary
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