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Corpora Cilyan

(Sil'-yan), , is a Davrin born in Sivaraus

Cilyan is a younger Red Sister who, through obedience and a level head, has achieved the rank of Corpora. She is one of eight total in this rank, with six direct reports beneath her, including Gaelan, Reishel, and Sirana. Cilyan is directly under Lunent Nyllel (one of the rare healer mages), who reports to Lead Jaunda, who in turn reports to Elder Varessa D'Shea.



Cilyan's lower-middle rank means that more Sisters above her remember where she came from, though this is not noteable enough to cause remark or speculation. Coming from a merchant background and being a later birth and "extraneous" Daughter, Cilyan tempted trouble by exploring the darker slums and fringe markets. She was set-up by an "undercover" acting on orders from Elder Rausery, and was caught just prior to making a trade worthy of imprisonment or sacrifice. Given the choice to attempt the Red Sister trials instead, a terrified Cilyan accepted, passed, and has never tempted fate with disobedience again.



Corpora Cilyan is a stern and stable hand to the Elders. Although a competent fighter, her primary skills are training new Red Sisters in many of the mundane but necessary tasks and chores required for a self-sufficient Cloister. She has learned all these tasks herself and has an excellent memory for the varied maintenance and storage requirements for anything widely used by the Sisterhood, from weapons to to preserved food to magic potions. She can keep anyone busy, and never slacks off herself, following up and keeping younger Sisters on a schedule when not on mission. If one has time to dream of young buas, one has the time to work on things needing doing.


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2822 S.E., city merchant center
in Sivaraus, Deepearth   Affiliations
Red Sisters
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unnamed, common merchants
unnamed, 5 siblings
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