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Sister Prime Fadele

Fadele (a.k.a The Prime)

(Fah-del'), , is a Davrin Elf born in Sivaraus.

Fadele is an intimidating and aggressive figure as the lead enforcer and founder of the Red Sisters. She is called only the Prime by her subordinates and all of Sivaraus, as only one other Dark Elf even remembers her name.


The Prime is tall even for a female Davrin, and a practicing warrior for over sixteen hundred years. She keeps her (now) pure gold hair cut very short and maintenance-free; her ancient eyes have been described as "scratched ruby" in color for the vague haze that may be an indication of age as well. Her face has age creases on her brow and at the corners of her mouth and eyes, more likely formed from centuried of scowls overbearing the smiles.


Any experienced Red Sister would say it's a bad sign if the Prime is smiling regardless. The Prime has a terrifying reputation for cruel and sadistic trials when there's a lesson to be taught or a backbone to be proven.



Almost nothing is known of where Fadele came from in Sivaraus, though she has been a constant figure next to the Valsharess for as long as anyone living remembers.



The Sisterhood has changed out its members completely at least four times since the Prime founded the organization, recruiting and testing novices to replace Red Sisters who die in the course of their militant and oftimes dangerous duties. No one except her remembers what being a Red Sister was like in her youth. To hear their leader speak now, the early Sisterhood was made of the hardest diamonds and the strongest alloy while the newest crop are coddled and weak as an abandoned litter of rats. There is almost nothing a young Sister can do that will impress their top leader for long.


The Prime seems to blame a large part of this shift on her current Right Hand, the Sorceress Elder Varessa D'Shea, who is the last of an extinct Noble House with nothing left to lose. Constant pressures, both new and revived, flow from the Palace, the Sanctuary, and the Noble Houses, but they fatigue the Prime more than anything as she cares less about their bickering.


Elder D'Shea, however, is gathering influence and using the Sisterhood in the more subtle arts of intrigue, which requires recruits to sharpen and hone their wits as well as their daggers. As the make-up of the Red Sisters changes faster of late, the Prime's Left Hand, the Elder General Rausery, manages the martial aspects to keep them strong but largely doesn't challenge D'Shea's choices of missions as the Sorceress works tirelessly to keep all their intelligence current and relevant.


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1399 S.E., in Sivaraus,
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