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Red Sister Suna

(soo'-nah) , is a Davrin Elf born in Sivaraus.

Suna is an aggressive middling Red Sister known to be the "left hand" of Corpora Thena. The two are only apart when commanded by Thena's superiors; Suna always finds ways to "regroup" with her direct superior the moment the letter of the command is complete.



Suna was born to a high-status servant in the Eighteenth House. With an early and reckless libido matched to a mischievous temperament, she caused her serious, loyal mother and annoyed Matron trouble and embarrassment on a regular basis. She caught a few times in her dalliances yet never continued due to the restrictions it would impose. Only her mother's rank protected her as long as it did before she was shoved out at age sixty to join the Valsharess's Army.

Bored when there wasn't sparring, practice, or actual combat, Suna needed frequent direction from officers and was subjected to many corporal punishments for her lack of discipline. The only reasons she wasn't maimed or executed was because she was a decent fighter, she tested only those who would accept a sexual game or humiliation as proof of submission, and could wait enough time for her transgression to be shuffled aside before acting out again. In time, she would push too far and receive all the trouble she could handle in return.



Suna has found her place as the favorite of a superior who keeps her around at all times and has frequent need of her, both in tasks and pleasurable service. She's driven to seek approval, quick to engage in melee, and her energy seemingly boundless when Corpora Thena gives her an order. She's also the only younger Red Sister who does not seem to fear The Prime should she catch her attention at a horny time. With Thena there to watch, she'd even welcome it.


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2924 S.E.,
Of Eighteenth House
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