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Places of Miurag

Miurag's largest continent and the deep oceans surrounding it are comprised of Territories recognized only by the To'vah (Dragon) Guardians and those who deal with them. There is one Dragon per Territory. The borders and its inhabitant do not change often.

**Territory borders are a patron-exclusive layer on the Surface map.  

The continent's Regions describe the major features of the land mass named by its multitudes of inhabitants. Names change more frequently and may have several names in various languages. Regions often span more than one To'vah Territory.

Within Regions lie Sacred Sites, notable landmarks or geographic areas through which significant magical or psionic influence flows. These sites, if accessible, are often inhabited by a race or group of diverse individuals with strong affinities to the type of influence which defines it.

**Sacred Site locations are a patron-exclusive layer on the Surface map.


Cities and Towns are permanent settlements which are currently inhabited. They serve the collective defense, sharing of prosperity, and as hubs of trade with other races. The largest are also the main locations for attempted conquest and warring factions.


Each Region, Sacred Site, and City/Town listed below will have a clickable write-up like Sivaraus.

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The Deepearth

Miurag Deepearth

The Surface

The World of Miurag
Miurag - The Surface


(in alphabetical order)

  • The Archipelago
  • Blackbark Forest
  • The Deepearth
  • The Far North
  • The Great Lake
  • Kraken Isles
  • Kurgan Steppes
  • The Lonely Ones
  • Ma'ab Empire
  • The Midway
  • Paxia
  • The Red Desert
  • Twin Peninsulas
  • Wilder Forest
  • Yung-An

Sacred Sites

(in alphabetical order)

  • Desert Spire - (The Red Desert: Stone Tower)
  • Ice Heart - (The Far North: Mountain)
  • Io'Sulta - (Manalar: Temple Pool)
  • Iskonshra - (The Deepearth: Great Cavern)
  • Koorul - (The Red Desert: Canyon)
  • Ley Tower - (West Mountains: Dwarven Fortress)
  • Maanzethelid - (The Deepearth: Elder Mind Conclave)
  • Rektrenkir - (South Ocean: The Trench)
  • Silver's Isle - (South Ocean: Kraken Isles)
  • Tokhuacon - (Wilder Forest: meadow in old-growth)

Cities and Towns

(in alphabetical order)

  • Ahj'Zayr
  • Ang-Ling
  • Augran (4 urban centers)
    • Alran (NE quadrant)
    • Bor (SE quadrant)
    • Niss (NW quadrant)
    • Yong-Wen (SW quadrant)
  • Break Water
  • Dargevold
  • Ennikar
  • Galad Bahr
  • Manalar
  • Port Fortnight
  • Sabrak Faern
  • Salton Deeps
  • Sivaraus
  • Taiding
  • Troshin's Bend
  • V'Gedra
  • Vintern Hjem
  • Vuthra'tern
  • Yong-Ch'hai

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