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Iskonshra is the Draconic name for the oldest sacred site of The Deepearth. It is known by most underground sentients as the Great Cavern.


Physical description / Structure

Iskonshra’s physical form is unusually large for a sacred site.

The borders are dominated by massive, jagged rock in various phases of erosion with only a few cramped entrances. Specialized agriculture is possible within the Great Cavern using its springs, streams, and the deep layers of dirt, silt, minerals, and organic material which have built up over an untold amount of time.

The spacious grounds and springs are enough to house and sustain an entire city with thousands of magic-sensitive residents, and the air remains fresh with a ceiling too high to see by torchlight.



Because of its enormous size and the influence of its present population, most sentients alive today do not recognize the Great Cavern as more than a lush, strategically advantageous cave protecting the Deepearth’s most complex settlement.

However, the city of Sivaraus within Iskonshra is a relatively recent addition, less than three-thousand years old. Iskonshra's previous incarnation for untold centuries served as the Den of the Black Dragon. Only two individuals who witnessed the transition to the city of the Davrin Elves still live: the Valsharess of Sivaraus and the Black Dragon himself.

Artwork, records, and quiet voices in Sivaraus still speak of a conflict long past, about a queen determined to win a safe home for her homeless and desperate people. They speak of an assault led by General Xala Ja'Prohn to win the Great Cavern and push the Dragon out.

The Davrin have kept their home for millennia, defending it from other races but never again from the Black Dragon. They have been so effective as to have forgotten there was ever another side to the story.

Somewhere farther from Iskonshra, the Black Dragon sleeps peacefully in a new den. Every few hundred years, he awakes to cause trouble throughout the Deepearth, more often for his own entertainment rather than wrath.

For the time being, the sole To'vah living underground seems oddly uninterested in reclaiming Iskonshra from the Dark Elves.


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