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"The Corruption"

"The Corruption" is a story about an orc named Jaryn with his fox brother Ryo, a centaur named Havre, and an ivierae named Garbone who must find out who's been committing serial murders of high elves and humans and stop them.



An era of peace had been established where crime and oppression had been at an all time low. Even with malevolent groups plotting in the shadows, many ivierae and other oppressed groups have been able to enjoy the peace. The peace was short-lived, however, as when Highking Gyala attempted to blanket ban slavery, it caused uproar by the racist nobles in his court. Mass protests ensued, as well as attempted assassinations, threatening murder against their now freed slaves if they left service, and attempting to bribe knights into targeting said oppressed groups.


A resistance group popped up, known as the Yati Fae Guild. Though they were somewhat present during the era of peace helping out the community, they were well-known for not being shy about slaying brutally authoritarian nobles. They often stayed in Fzalder as it was the only country not willing to attempt to capture and execute them for terrorism. When they eventually expanded to Symilf, random acts of terrorism boomed without much reason why, but it did lead to the start of massacring any random human or high elf especially they can find. Or, at least, that's what most are assuming. There's yet to be any real evidence that the guild is connected to the murders.



The ultimate end goal is to stop the random killings.


A wrong step can lead to a multitude of consequences, like death. Or, undeath.



Jaryn, Ryo, Havre, and Garbone.


Akae La'et, Cassius Benoist, Highking Gyala, Eilis


Hyal Domis


Lennon Benoist, Kyazf

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