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15th of Mereo, -11 TEA

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Mirthae is a medieval fantasy setting, home to various races such as humans, elves, orcs, centaurs, dragons, sea creatures, and demons... Especially demons. The planet is ruled over by various Gods, all of whom created races themselves that currently inhabit the planet. Even the Goddess of the galaxy herself, Merthicz. Mirthae meaning "Birth of new elf", the planet was originally gifted to a certain demon who had created a race of elf known as ivierae. The other Gods absolutely did not trust it, and thus sent their creations to Mirthae to keep the elves in line and under control. After the inevitable war between the elves and those who wanted to protect them VS. those who opposed the ivierae (majorly the humans and wood elves), the oppressors won and enslaved a majority of the ivierae race. Because of this history, there are those to seek justice for the oppressed.. Some are so desperate, they resort to murder. Being especially prevalent now, the human and wood elf races as a whole are being targeted. Three protagonists are dedicated to stopping this serial murdering spree; an orc named Jaryn with his fox brother Ryo, and a centaur named Havre shall take on the case of identifying who is committing this awful deed, and stop them.