The Highking's Court

When many people refer to the Highking’s Court, they’re mostly referring to the inner circle portion of the court that resides in the Highking’s Castle, in Darʌkys, Symilf. But the court is a pretty broad term that encompasses all aspects of Mirthaean leadership, military, and religious institutions.


The court started all the way back to when ivierae began settling on Mirthae. Lord Fyayn established the court in retaliation against them, with the goal of wiping them out. Creating the Symilf kingdom, it rapidly expanded until they declared war against ivierae.   Even after Lady Merthicz took over ultimate power and working to change the culture around it, much of the court is largely still racist. Hidden groups and guilds were created as backlash against Lady Merthicz, attempting to undo any progress she makes in bringing equal rights to ivierae.   For a while, she was able to bring in an era of peace where nothing nefarious was being plotted. But it only lasted for so long when Highking Gyala banned slavery, creating chaos and division among the different groups within the court. Many different provinces accepted the ban with pride, but those closest to the inner circle of the court were irate. He can’t help but wonder if anything meaningful can be done effectively by continuing on with the current political system.


They control all the continents on the planet, excluding Thari as no one is able to set foot without being attacked by mysterious creatures. They technically own the water as well, but mostly just the surface for transport. The depths of the bodies of water are all owned by Lady Alqoa, outside of the world kingdom.


The Knight’s Guild is a ginormous group dedicated to providing military aid to Mirthae, with ranks ranging from village guard to Paladins.

Foreign Relations

Mirthae is currently allies with Hell, though it is rather strained. Between the surface dwellers struggling to fight back against their racism of demons, and the Supreme Lord of Hell not liking gods whatsoever, it’s only a matter of time before a wrong move sets off another war.


For most citizens, they’re merely taught by what they learn from family and their communities. Magic users have a higher chance for proper education, though it can be pricey. Nobility more often than not hire educated private tutors.

Mythology & Lore

It’s taught that the entirety of Mirthae was created by Lady Merthicz just for the ivierae. She built the planet in 4,000 years long before gifting the planet to Erebos .


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