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Hyal Domis

Hyal Domis

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Has a nose and ear piercing connected by a chain

Special abilities

He’s very proficient in general magical abilities, often working through spell casting and enchantments.

Apparel & Accessories

Tends to wear basic, but traditional satyr clothing mixed in with some fashion trends of Symilf.

Specialized Equipment

He carries around a multitude of different equipment used to capture others, many of which have the ability to specifically render magic from ivierae useless. His favourite piece of equipment is the man catcher, a spiked collar on the end of a pole, where the spikes point inwards to the wearer’s neck.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He’s one of the rare few people to live with moon elves since birth. Because of this many assume he’s just as intelligent and full of empathy like moon elves are believed to be, and look up to him. He might be more cunning than the average Joe, but he definitely has very little regards for others- at least to those he doesn’t view as equal.   As a young adult, after marrying Melala, he moved to the capital as the village Melala led was struggling with poverty, and he thought he could help turn it around. He did eventually succeed, but at the cost of his humanity, as he became the new leader for the slave enforcement services, even aiding in developing new magical tech to both torture, and brainwash ivierae into being slaves. It was that tech that actually led him to achieving the new leadership position… After he murdered the previous leader for attempting to stop him. He knows Melala would freak out if she found out what he was doing, and so he keeps it a secret from her. She does suspect something’s wrong, especially as he keeps sending her precious jewellery every month.

Gender Identity

Cis man


Heteroromantic asexual


During his time in Aese Serme, he helped out with various tasks all across the village. They usually involve him helping out with the temples, as well as planting the seeds of moon elves who’ve died. After moving to Darʌkys, he started off as an assistant to the chef in the Highking’s castle. He ended up hopping around through different positions, though he tended to mostly stick by Hyalbtz, advancing his skills in magic and creating magic infused tech. After being seen by a group of nobles who’re secretly plotting to overtake the kingdom, they convinced him to with their cause and he started creating tech for them and earning money off of it during his time in the lower ranks of the Slave Enforcement Services . After the previous leader of the SES was murdered, he was appointed the new leader where he currently works today.

Personality Characteristics


Aside for his original goal of helping his home village escape poverty, he’s also motivated to further the cause of Lord Fyayn in regaining control of the kingdom, and dealing with the ivierae.



His way of speaking is very cut and dry. He rarely uses idioms or metaphors, and usually speaks in a monotone voice.


Hyal Domis

Enemy (Trivial)

Towards Cassius Benoist



Cassius Benoist

Enemy (Trivial)

Towards Hyal Domis




After Hyal gained his position of power, the two would very frequently butt heads, even getting into physical altercations during meetings with the Highking, instigated by Lord Cassius. It especially escalated after Hyalbtz opened up a few SES branches in Fzalder, viewing it as a threat to his, and his kin’s safety.

Melala Aese Serme

Spouse (Important)

Towards Hyal Domis



Hyal Domis

Husband (Vital)

Towards Melala Aese Serme




The two met officially when Hyal was a young adult. She knew of his deeds, and wanted his help in giving a proper funeral for her father as no other men in the village really wanted to, viewing him as a traitor because he became a dark elf. After the funeral, the two became very close as they shared similar beliefs, especially in regards to opening up relationships with outsiders.

Wealth & Financial state

Through all the commissions he’s made, he was able to build himself up to nobility. It was through his wealth that he was able to expand the powers of the SES and branch out outside of Symilf.
Current Status
Trying to discover the identity of the serial killer, while also trying to keep an eye on Kyazf
Current Location
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Current Residence
Darʌkys, Änøy Province, Symilf
Brown eyes
Long curly brown hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tan skin; brown fur same color as hair
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Plots
Known Languages
Silmfein, a tiny bit of Akinele

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