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Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge

So that was another Summer Camp, and now we are onto the reading challenge where we are expected to write 1000 words about what we intend to work on for the next half year; bloody hell, I don't even know what I want for dinner tomorrow. Well, if I were to try and put some words to what I think I might touch in the realm of worldbuilding the next six months, that would probably be something in the direction of furthering the expansion of the Empire of Dercia . Still, I might also decide to expand on some other nations that inhabit the world of Mirateia. If you have not deducted this yet, I can tell that I'm currently padding this article with a lot of words because there is no way I can write 1000 words on my future goals of worldbuilding.   Well, between this reading challenge and World Ember (World Ember is coming), I hope to find some inspiration to continue writing some chapters for Tales around Mirateia as I have currently run into some dry spell when it comes to inspiration for what Crown Princess Ira and Azran are getting up to after what happened in Tales around Mirateia 26. Well in theory its not like I'm short of options for what they can get up to its more that due to all the options I can find it hard to decide what direction I want them to go, although while I have an overarching goal for the story and some events that I would like to happen but that I'm either putting off due to the fact that I might want to run a D&D campaign in the world and some of these events would fit well into such a campaign so in the end I guess I just have to roll the dice and see what option it ends up being.   "Looks up the word count (491) exhales, still some way to go."   I don't know if it will be within the six months limit that the reading article asks us about. Still, I'm currently entertaining the idea of getting a map made of Mirateia from Dhelian. As a result, the nation's layout might change a bit. However, some nations will stay close to each other as they already have their lore written, and because I'm a lazy SOB, I'm not going to chase down all the times I have mentioned said nations engaging over their shared border and change that.    Another area I might expand on in Mirateia is probably some of the many celebrations and festivals that are likely to exist in a large empire, such as the Dercian Empire, given the many people the empire exists of. Until now, I have barely touched the area, and even then, I have mostly only just written about one person, so that leaves an unknown number of people that I can describe traditions and such for.   Likewise, there is something that I planned to write about some World Embers ago but never really got around to, I might also get around to writing about some of the noble families that make up the noble class of the empire, and so far, I think I have only written about four or five out of the at least fourteen I had planned to make up the upper class of the nobles.  

a powerful organization in your world

I quite liked this prompt as it gave me the option to write about one of the noble families in the Dercian Empire and with the help of the Dimi mission the noble house ended up being one of the noble houses that were in opposition to the Astalles family that are the Imperial family of the Dercian Empire.

a conflict between two unequal powers in your world

  This prompt were also a good one as it gave the option for me to write about one of the last battles fought in the civil war known as The Decade of 5 Emperors

a letter sent in secret by a well-known person in your world

This prompt were quite fun as prompt were you have to write letters or documents tends to be one of the more easy ones to find inspiration for at least and in my case I had a character that needed to send a letter to another of my characters and it turned out the letter were one of the easy one to write and were quickly finished.

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