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The Herzauge Blossoming

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Herzauge Blossoming is one of the more eye-catching and enigmatic conditions to exist in Alézun'Teran.
It is primarily contained within a locale that is well-known for providing a pleasurable experience on both a physical and mental level: The Herzauge District in Varldstan Cericor. Instances of it has also been spotted in Nekaset, the Wilds of Creastvkr and Varldstan Niarem.  


The condition is named after the Herzauge Fungi, an astrophysical floral species that can only be found in a few specific environments and locations across Alézun'Teran.  


Herzauge Blossoming originates from the spores spread about by the Herzauge Fungi, which affects both the metaphysical and physical reality due to its astralphysical nature. The spores are then breathed in by the unassuming, though it is estimated that it takes about five years of consistent exposure for it to come into full bloom.  


Ssymptoms of the Herzauge Blossoming are entirely survivable. They are at the beginning merely irritable, while ending up being incredibly painful at the endstage. A pain that is said to never truly vanish after the Blossoming.  

First Symptoms

The first noticeable symptoms of the condition — known as the budding symptoms — are fairly innocent and can be quite difficult to differentiate from pollen allergy. Itching eyes and dry mouth, along with a cough and itchy throat are the most common.
More unusual conditions, that may occur during the mid-stage are sexual frustration, heart-fluttering, and sweating that has a light sensually-sweet odor; those who are exposed to it usually feel attracted towards the afflicted.  

Endgame symptoms

The endgame symptoms — known as the blossoming symptoms — are much more noticeable and painful, to say the least. It primarily concern the eyes and mouth of the afflicted.  

Blinding Pain

When it comes to the eyes, it begins with a sensation of scathing pinpricks around them, which is quickly followed by a period of temporary blindness that usually lasts for about a day. At this point, the pain increase considerably, and is said to be reminiscent of being continually stabbed in the eyes with needles. During this time, their eyes will become discolored and receive a grey-silver metallic shade.
Medically induced sleep and pain-reducing drugs are advised to be applied when this happens, as they will either attempt to claw out their eyes to end the agony, and time and time again lose consciousness from the experience. Afterward, the afflicted will slowly be able to see again, and the discoloring of their eyes will wash away in jasmine-scented tears; their pupils now heart-shaped and glassy.  

Bloody dry mouth

Another symptom is the dry mouth. It will be as if it is periodically incapable of producing saliva over a day's time. An intense itchy sensation in the mouth is common, as are the easily bleeding sores. The tongue also swells slightly. It can all be mitigated if both lips and mouth are moistened with sugary water.
Shortly after it all they will have slightly more productive saliva glands whose product has a sweet taste to it, as well bearing a faint aphrodisiac effect.
Thus those who who are exposed to them, usually through kisses or certain sexual oral activities, will become more aroused than usual in a shorter timeperiod.  

Floral markings

The floral markings is one of the more enigmatic symptoms of the Herzauge Blossoming. They will first appear similar to outstretched bruises that cover a certain body part, primarily the chest and the thighs, over a few days period. They are quite painful, and are slightly cool to the touch. Beyond that, they are also smoother than the surrounding skin.
Within the final hours, the pain will intensify and the markings will become more distinct and intricate and resemble that of floral tattoos. How this pattern looks is unique for each afflicted, but they are all in a black-blusih shade. Afterward, these floral patterns will ever so slowly grow larger until they reach about a meter from one end to the other.  

Lasting effects

Magically reactive

Magicians who have become affected by this condition will find themselves with slightly less control over their capabilities, who will have become more prone to reacting to their subconscious mental state. Fortunatly, it is something that rarely ever becomes too much of a problem, as they can retain some of their former control after some training.  

Enhanced Fertility

"I am SO glad that there exists contraceptives... Otherwise I would probably have like seven children or more.  
— A Herzauge, after a spicy night.
Shortly after the Blossoming, the afflicted find themselves to be unusually fertile, particularly women. They have a much higher possibility of becoming pregnant after sexual intercourse, and said pregnancy will more often than not result in either twins or even triplets. These children has showcased no symptoms of the conditions, and in fact appear healthier than ordinary children, at least generally.
During a pregnancy, the aphrodisiacal effect of the women lessen slightly but is still noticeable on those that become affected.  
"In animals, this ailment causes increased reproduction, and thus increasing the survival chances of the species. It is very curious to see more intelligent beings give in to the same instincts, just to do a total opposite of what the instincts dictate a few moments later.  
— Dr Firo, regarding Herzauge and the use of contraceptives.


"On one hand, it is fortunate. I do not need to take any contraceptives or such. On the other hand, the very fact that I can no longer bear children makes me ... sad. Incredibly so.  
— A Herzauge, regarding her sterility.
Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on who you ask — those affected will become sterile after a few years, decades if they have managed to stave of sexual intercourse to a greater degree. This is believed to be due to their bodies earily on going into fertile overdrive and thus damaging their reproductive organs.  

Emotional sense

"You may have an excellent poker face, darling, but I can sense that you are angry about something.  
— A Herzauge, regarding the mood of his special one.
Those affected will find themselves having an easier time emotionally reading those around them. Not just surface emotions, but deep underlying ones as well, though it takes slightly longer. Apparently, this emotional reading sense showcases itself to the afflicted in different ways; some receives different forms of subtle tingles across their bodies, while others swear they are able see faint shimmers of various colors around people's heads that correspond with various emotional states.  


Herzauge Blossoming, despite its painful late-stage symptoms, does not have a high lethality rate. Unfortunately, there exist a slight risk where the immune system of the affected reacted unusually violent towards the Herzauge spores. The end result is an anaphylactic reaction that is eerily similar to a heart attack. Fortunately, it is survivable if treated quickly enough.  

Those affected

Herzaugh Blossoming primarily affects Melathi Races such as Humans or Battlebreds. But also Nelathi races are capable of becoming afflicted by the Herzauge Fungi spores, such as the Anishans. However, these instances are quite rare, due to their greater immune systems.  
Alternate Names
Horni Syndrome.
Hearteye Syndrome.
Herzauge Aphrodisiacal Syndrome.
Herzauge Floral Tattoo Syndrome.
Herzauge Fungi.
Type, Spreading
Type, Supernatural
Astralphysical | Divine.


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Ahow, awho, awho... it hurts reading the early symptoms... It is an interesting case we have here. I can see it used for good and evil alike in a story sense, and in a world sense as a survivability medicine for a species due to the... late effects. Well done on making this one!   Questions: Is the aphrodisiac saliva a permanent effect or does it go away? And is the marking also permanent? Also... is the "heart eyes" a symptom too?   One last thing, I think lethality should either be last or before the Symptoms heading since now it feels misplaced when I read it.

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Thank you! The aphrodisiac saliva, the floral markings and the heart eyes are all permanent, and I think the latter one would be considered a symptom yes. ^-^

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Interesting! So what is the effect on vision, having heart-shaped pupils? Do the afflicted find it more difficult to adjust to sudden bright light, since their pupils no longer dilate properly? Or is it the other way around; are the pupils no longer capable of expanding properly due to a pinching of the iris dilator muscle?

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This article is literally 1 of 2 that i used as a basis for my world's conditions. The details are great. What was your inspiration for this condition, if i may ask?