Varldstan Niarem

An urban jungle realm. A safe-heaven for the Anishan. Protected by living weapons.


Varldstan Niarem is said to be one of the oldest Varldstan Realms in all of Alézun'Teran, as well as one of the most expansive ones, both in regards to its surface and subterranean circumference. Located within the Valley of Niarem, its primary characteristic is that of an overgrown and decrepit urban jungle that at first may appear abandoned.
Its skyline of steel, glass and thick flora is visible from several miles away, even at night time due to the thousands of illuminating street- and office lights that flicker like stars.  


The creation of Varldstan Niarem is said to have been initiated by Architect Himself. This was an action no less different than planting a seed in the soil, and occasionally assisting its growth by watering it and pruning it. At one point it is believed to have reached maturity and was left to its own devices.
Nobody knows exactly how it came to be, however, nor for what exact purpose. Was it intended as a safeheaven for the Anishans? Or did it gain its supposed purpose post creation, after the birth of Anni Zhan?  

A varied appearance

There is a general consensus that there exist two types of primary environments within Niarem: Halcyonic and chernoblic environments.

Chernobic environments

Chernobic environments cover a majority of Niarem, and concern overgrown and decrepit infrastructure that has seemingly been abandoned for decades.
Ruined and partially collapsed skyscrapers are a common sight, as are caved-in suburban areas. Tall trees and thick bushes are scattered about and grow in both buildings, as well as on the roads; in some regions, the underbrush is so thick and humid, it is akin to a tropical forest.  

The Chernobic Belt

The Chernobic Belt is a semi-circular region in south-eastern Niarem that is in a particular decrepit and overgrown state. It also showcases unusually high rates of radiation that is harmful even to Anishans in large amounts.
It also has a greater overall abundance of monsters both at a surface and suburban level; thus it is a prime hunting ground for the Niarem Prophets.  


Halcyonic environments

Halcyonic environments are a rarity in Niarem, and concern eerily orderly and pristine infrastructure that seemingly receives maintenance on the regular.
Skyscrapers whose windows glisten with dew are common in these environments, as are well-kept buildings for housing, shopping, and general social interaction. Fruity trees grow in an orderly fashion along well-lit roads. Here and there one might find a working telephone booth or vending machine.  

The Halcyonic Belt

The largest portion of Niarem that consists of halcyonic environments is known as the Halcyonic Belt. It stretches across the north-eastern part of Niarem in a wide semi-crescent arc, and stands out particularly well during nighttime. They are all well-connected via public transport, primarily train or subway, and are home to the largest population in Niarem. It is also generally the safest geographic area in the realm for anyone to be in.  

The natural state of Niarem

Anishans are divided on which state, if either, are natural.
Three factions has arisen as a response to this; Halcyons, Chernobics, and Harmonicas.  


Halcyons argue primarily that the chernobic state is the corrupted form of Niarem and that the halcyonic regions are cleansed through a slow and natural process. Some of their numbers say that the halcyonic regions are those that have withstood the touch of corruption due to being hotspots of Ani Force.  


Chernobics argue that the halcyonic state is abnormal, accidental, and too orderly. They liken halcyonic realms to scorch marks caused by hotspots of Ani Force that have burned away the wild beauty of Niarem. Hotspots caused by an imbalance originating from corruption.  


Harmonicas argue that both states are natural. Chernobic environments are likened to dense forest while halcyonic ones are akin to glades.
Others within this group argue that the two states are largely seasonal and that Niarem is currently in a chernobic season that has last for millennia; the slow and gradual increase of halcyonic regions is simply a sign of an upcoming seasonal change.  

Grown infrastructure

Niarem is a growing and living realm and has more in common with forest growth than one might initially suspect. While it is a process that reportedly takes many millennia, all infrastructure within Niarem, excluding a rare few, are theorized to have grown and matured from its soil like bushes and trees. Each type of infrastructure, whether it is a skyscraper or a café building, is said to be a specific species of urban growth. The existence of so-called Niarem roots are said to prove this highly popular and accepted theory.  

Niarem roots

Niarem roots are made out of a durable metallic electroconductive alloy, and resemble flat metallic serrated rods. They are incredibly elusive due to partially existing in Niarem, and partially in their own unique frequential space. Sometimes it happens that these roots appear in the subcity portions, having grown through the steel and concrete. To the naked Melathi eye, they may flicker in and out of existence, or become translucent and incorporeal for an irregular amount of time, before regaining corporality.  

Servicable technological seasons

The technology of Niarem has serviceable seasons, divided between chernobic and halcyonic states. It is either decrepit and nonfunctional or pristine and functional. How this occurs is not fully understood but it has been compared to that of a grassland experiencing a dry and wet season respectively. It is important to note that this only concerns technology that has been left alone in a region for a long while, and not picked up by someone. Thus, used halcyonic tech that is taken to a chernobic environment will generally take several months if not years to succomb to its regional effects.  

Chernobic season technology

Chernobic seasons causes technology to dry out and decay. And while there will always exist some instances of workable technology in relatively good condition, they are always sparse. However, they are more frequent near halcyonic regions. If one takes a car as an example, it will be in a decrepit state; one that has rusted over and is slowly being consumed by the undergrowth.  

Halcyonic season technology

Halcyonic seasons causes the technology to become vibrant and lush, at least in a metaphorical sense. A majority of it will look, and function, as if it had been manufactured merely months ago.
Instances where technology in a halcyonic region is nonfunctional and in a decrepit state are far and few between, though it becomes more common in chernobic regions.  

Transitional season technology

Technology that is transitioning from one state to another will usually look several years old and will appear to have received poor maintenance. Rust and discoloration is common, as are scratches and cracks. Buggy software and corrupted files are also fairly common.

Technology that takes the longest to go from one season to the next is primarily street lights, phone booths, and radios, along with analog clocks. A selection of technology that has the fastest transition period is smartphones, vending machines and fridges.  

Restorational sandstorms

One might ask, how come the chernobic regions of Niarem still have salvageable technology and items lying about after several millennia? Some might answer that certain portions of Niarem are simply too difficult to reach, or that the regions as a whole are too large to have been properly scavenged. Others might point toward the halcyonic seasons as a reason. But this does not explain how formerly scavenged city streets become replenished after an irregular amount of time.
And then there are the halcyonic regions, whose shops and vending machines never truly run out of stock, no matter if it concerns consumables, clothes, utility tools, or cosmetics. Things will always be replenished if one waits long enough. The answer to this does not lie in factories and supply lines.
The truth to it all lies in the so-called restorational sandstorms that irregularly strike the whole of Niarem. A weather phenomenon that is unique to Niarem, is has no true point of origin and can manifest anywhere at any time, with little to no warning beforehand. A rare few are able to go on for several days, although a longevity of ten hours is the norm. They are an infrequent occurrence, though twice every year is not uncommon. Less potent variants of the sandstorm are more common and strike roughly once every other month. Every hundred years, however, sandstorms occur far more frequently, though why this is, is unknown.  

Sands of Ani

The sand in question is not truly sand in the ordinary sense, but is in fact concentrated grains of raw Ani Force, although this is difficult to discern with a naked eye. Within minutes an uncountable amount of the sand will manifest out of thin air, bathing the air in a violet-orange light. The sand will find its way into every nook and cranny of Niarem and pile up into dunes, some of which are several meters high.  


After a few days of calm, a majority of the sand dunes will dissipate into a thick white-violet mist that is both cold and humid, only leaving behind a minuscule amount.
When the mist, in turn, fades away — something that roughly takes twenty-two hours — one will notice that items and technology has been restocked and replenished. This concerns both heavy items such as vehicles and vending machines, as well as consumables such as packaged milk, pasta, medicine or carbonated soft drinks.  

Theory of restored originality

There may be a greater purpose to the sandstorms than one might initially think. It concerns a theory that has been around for millennia but which has never quite caught the attention of the masses. It proposes that the sandstorms not only replenish and restock, but also return objects and infrastructures to their original state, the way they were when Niarem matured, or otherwise was created by Architect in its complexity and beauty. It only restores that which has been changed artificially, and not thanks to the seasons. Thus a building that has been damaged in a skirmish will be restored, as opposed to an underground garage that has collapsed over time.  

Additional effects and risks

Beyond the restorational effects on Varldstan Niarem, these sandstorms also has an effct on its native population, an addition to carrying an inherent danger towards them. Anishans caught in a sandstorm are enhanced to a notable degree; they become stronger, more alert and can regenerate faster. Their capabilities become more potent and powerful, wheter it concern Utrustica or Farmegi.
The dangers involved concern primarily the grains of sand that fly about at several meters per second; they are able to cut the skin of an Anishans with easy and will cause considerable damage to their protective equipment, like bullets chipping stone. Even shields only lessen their impact moderately. This is all due to the fact that the sandstorms consists out of raw, concentrated forms of Ani Energy. Afterward. the Anishans will feel exhausted and experience symptoms similar to migraine, especially so if they overextended themselves during the sandstorm.  

Oraltion Niareme

Varldstan Niarem is overseen by an Oraltihon: An intelligent natural force that personifies a geographical location. The one that governs Niarem is known as Niareme. A reserved entity who keeps to herself rather than interacting with others, though it is rumored she has a sisterly relationship with Anni Zhan.  


Appearance and apparel

While capable of taking on any appearance, Niareme is said to primarily choose that of a female Anishan of average height and build. One with smooth, fair skin and long, silver-white hair, along with amethyst-shaded eyes.
Her apparel of any possible variant, whether it is a stylish jacket, blouse, and pants, an impeccable black suit and tie, power armor or scavenger's clothing.  


She who wanders with the Sandstorms of Ani

It is said that she wanders the Sandstorms of Ani, which essentially could be seen as her own Utrustica manifesting. Witness reports have claimed to have seen a female Anishan wandering the storms unprotected and yet suffering no harm. But it is more seen as an urban myth than anything else, as no contact with this figure has been documented.  

Niarem electrical power

Varldstan Niarem is provided with electricity by several sources. One is its numerous wind turbines that are scattered throughout it, but its main provider is its three nuclear powerplants. This power is what allows for a majority of Niarem's infrastructure to function properly, be it vending-machines, phone-booths or street-lights.  

Nuclear power

Two are currently located within a halcyonic enviornment each, while the third can be found within the Chernobic Belt.
The latter is considerd a nuclear hazard, and only those who wear protective gear or are durable or immune against its radioactivity — such as Atomica Nacular Karfusion — wanders near it. Interestingly enough, it appears it still provides power to the electrical grid, and of a unnaturally higher voltage. So high in fact that the power lines nearest it gives off contineous smoke and irregular discharges of lightning.  

Niarem electrical grid

Varldstan Niarem has an extensive electrical grid that that covers the realm like a spider's net. Even the parts of it affected by the chernobic environment is operational, albeit at lesser power.
The electrical grid may also be used by various Anishans to easier move about in the realm, as they slide across the power lines at impressive speeds.  

Niarem weather

The weather within Varldstan Niarem is primarily sunny with a sporadiclly cloudy sky and a calm gust of cool air.  


Thunderstorms are forces to be reckoned with, and their displays of lightning are quite beutiful and awe-inspiring.  


Rainfall has a habit of occurring when one least expects it, though it is luckily more prone to make a visit at night.  

Inhabitants of Niarem

Home of the Anishans

The native population of Varldstan Niarem are the Anishans; a humanoid Nelathi Species whose members personify and exemplifies themes and concepts.
It has argeubly the largest concentration of Anishans within all of Alézun'Teran, which is speculated to number in the tens of thousands. The primary reason for this, beyond the fact that Niarem exist above the origin of their entire species, is cause Anishan are at their strongest when they wander its streets, wheter it is mentally, physically and metaphysically. And this is due to the fact that their connection to the Force of Ani is unprecedented within the realm.

A majority makes their living in the halcyonic regions of the realm, while the rest live either in sporadic camps that are scattered across its remaining lands or as nomads who wander about.  


Those permitted

Few members of other races can be found among the buildings of Niarem. Most of them are mere temporary visiting merchants, scholars, explorers and acquaintances of Anishans who are permitted to wander its streets.  

Those trespassing

A handful of trespassing smugglers, poachers, kidnappers and looters can be found within the realm as well, although usually no longer alive. They usually find their end at the hands of wandering Anishans, Protectorates or Techzephs. Sometimes by the the local fauna as well.  

The Protectorate

The Protectorate is one name given to the Anishans who wear Alkatraz Armor. Essentially living weapons, they patrol Niarem and its borders. Chernobic environments appear to be preferable hunting-grounds for them to scout and intercept threats and rulebreakers. You won't see them nor hear them until they make their move.  
Realm, Type
Varldstan Realm.
Average temperature
19 degrees celsius.
1.0 Vael'Eteria Standard.
Halcyonic Regions.
Chernobic Regions.
Connected To, Species
Connected To, Personnel
Niarem train conductors.
Connected To, Infrastructure
Niarem Railway Metro.
Connected To, Armors
Alkatraz Armor.
Connected To, Individuals
Anni Zhan.
Connected To, Forces
The Force of Ani.
Included Locations


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