Those affected by death and time


Melathi is the designation one may use towards those in Vael'Eteria who are susceptible to the condition known as death, either through natural or forcefully inducement.
You may also say that Melathi are the ones whose both physical and metaphysical forms are the ones most susceptible to the degrading effects of Time. Eventually, they will be no more.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.

Death of a Melathi

Irreversable Death

While death may mean different things depending on what and who you are, for Melathi it means the irreversible separation between their metaphysical and physical form. Depending on what caused this separation, it may be reversed if adequate treatments are done in time.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.

Artifical Melathi resurrection

Without assistance from an outside party — be it through either advanced science or through more supernatural means — the death of a Melathi specimen cannot be reversed. The possible end result of resurrection always leaves damage of some form upon the subject, whether it is of a metaphysical or physical nature. And despite what some cultures may believe, it is never the soul that comes back. It is either the spirit, an artificial molding resembling a spirit or a different metaphysical being entirely.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.

Side-effects of Melathi resurrection

Possible side-effects of resurrection are usually varying degrees of madness, especially if the said subject was formerly sapient.
Another common side-effect is phantom pains, which appear to be somewhat dependable on the state of which the body was upon the moment of death.
More noticeable side-effects are various physical manifestations of the resurrection, and these may vary to a great deal depending on who, how, and what performed it.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.

The Metaphysical of a Melathi

The Soul of a Melathi

Depending on the metaphysical makeup of both the species and the world that they naturally inhabit, what eventually happens to the soul of a Melathi may differ to a large degree. Reincarnation — where each life can be represented as a cycle until it renews — is one of the most accepted possible fates, especially in regards to Mésvéstellian Humans.
What is the same across the entirety of Vael'Eteria, however, is that a soul who has passed on can never naturally be reintroduced to the physical again within the same cycle. The reason for this is simple enough and has to do with the difference in VÄES: A soul is simply incompatible with the physical and cannot naturally interact with it.
Eventually, the Melathi Souls will begin to break down though this is a process that may very well take eons to happen. That, or several untold lifetimes.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.

The Spirit of a Melathi

Similar to a Meltahi Soul, it is the metaphysical makeup of both the species and the world that they naturally inhabit that determines what happens to Melathi Spirit.
If one is to again take an example from Mésvéstell, the spirits of Mésvéstellian HumansAndsáls — passes on to the Realm of Eärann. In time they will become one with the realm's misty landscape — which for the record can take either mere days or untold millennia. A comparison can be made with that of a snowflake that melts in a hot cup of water, becoming indistinguishable from the rest.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.

Melathi Spirits and the Physical

In contrast to souls, the relationship between spirits and the physical is different for each world. This is especially the case when it comes to spirits' capability of interacting and influencing the physical.
In the most noticeable cases, these may be known as apparitions and can interfere with electromagnetism, induce hallucinations and headaches and interact with physical objects to some degree. Some, though not all, may be perceivable through the naked eye without supernatural aid.
Some spirits also evolve into physical — or semi-physical — monsters, though certain steps need to be taken for it to be so. Examples of this includes the Raw Vesen of Mésvéstell and the Ghosts of Miand.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.

Spirits that perish

The only thing that is equal across all of Vael'Eteria is that Melathi Spirits can — and eventually will — perish in one form or another, similar to the physical body it once inhabited. It is merely a matter of time.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.
Alternative Names
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The Varzalh Sphere.
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