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Nelathi is the designation one may use towards those in Vael'Eteria who are more physically resilient towards the condition known as Death, than Melathi. Additionally, they are less susceptible the degrading touch of Time and are bestowed capabilities beyond that of Melathi.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.

Connected to Power

All Nelathi are connected to power. In some instances, this power takes on a tangible and noticeable form, such as the Ani Force or the Vapors of Sereoth. In other instances, it has a more ambiguous and theoretical nature, such as the Wellspring Waters or the Trice Force.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.

Born or Made

In contrast to Melathi and Selathi, members of the Nelathi can be either born or made. In regards to the latter, it primarily concern various conditions, such as Vitralsha Growth and the Affliction of Geist. However, they can also come to be if a Melathi is changed on a metaphysical level by either the a primal force or a powerful Selathi entity, as is the case with Hagel Geist.
Certain conditions, however, are capable of turning a Nelathi into a close approximation of a Melathi, such as the Anishan Withering.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.

Death of a Nelathi

Resistant to Death

Nelathi are generally quite resistant to death. They are generally capable of reaching ages several centuries — if not millennia — old and their durability against outside trauma and resistance towards lethal ailments and substances are generally substantial.
Some specimens may be more resistant to death than others, something that is quite noticeable among the Anishans. In short, in order for a Nelathi to be embraced by death, one needs to be either incredibly lucky or have access to the correct capabilities or tools.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.

Irreversable Death

Death for Nelathi means an irreversible separation between the metaphysical and the physical. Dissimilar to Melathi, it cannot be reversed post mortem no matter what treatments are attempted.
At the very least, that which — seemingly — comes back cannot at all be considered to be the same individual who perished.  
— Excerpt from The Three Spheres of Beings.
Jerrica Vessi:
A Tarrem Anishan.
Known Nelathi Races
Well-Arrived Individuals.
Known Nelathi Ethnicities
Related conditions
Little Lily:
A Well-Arrived Individual.


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