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Vitralsha is the unoffical name of the permanent Cericor Hospital Staff who have undergone the Vitralsha Growth Transmuation Process. A common saying is that, while not every personnel at the Cericor Hospital is a Vitralsha, every Vitralsha is a member of the Hospital Staff.  
— Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

Etchnicity or Species?

"You guys are still asking about that? Look at it this way, there is nothing of our original bodies left in us, only our soul. So technically we are a different species from what we used to be. That is all I will say, and you should stop asking. We got lives to save!  
— Dr Firo, unofficial member of the Vitrasha Species Faction.
The question of whether the Vitralsha is merely an ethnicity or an entirely new species has been a topic of great debate for centuries, especially within their own numbers.
This has formed two opposing ideological factions among them: The Vitralsha Ethnicity Faction and the Vitralsha Species Faction, with the latter having the greatest number thus far.
The necessity for new blood to extend and maintain their numbers, and their inability to reproduce once changed are the main counterpoints by the Vitralsha Ethnicity Faction. However, the Vitralshas' disease immunity, along with their invulnerability, longevity, and enhanced physical capabilities are seen as inescapable proof that they are no longer what they once were, by the Vitralsha Species Faction.  
— Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

Vitrashar Names

"No I did not choose a new name after my transformation. While my biological body may have been altered, my soul is still the one and same, despite what some may say.  
— Dr Firo.
Vitralshar may choose to have their names once they have gone through the transmutation process, some may not. This is largely dependable on whichever Faction they are part of, officially or unofficially so.
Those of the Species Faction, for example, consider themself, for the most part, to be reborn and thus chooses a new name to go by, though they generally keep their old name as a middle name out of respect for who they once were and to acknowledge that they once were ordinary.
The new names are usually asymmetrical and short, though not necessarily. Some examples are as follows:  
Masculine Names.
  • Natan.
  • Neven.
  • Rekker.
  • Pilip.
  • Sander.
  • Kalther.
  • Jaspian.
  • Tameothy.
  • Feminine Names.
  • Aviva.
  • Aziza.
  • Elle.
  • Emme.
  • Hannah.
  • Evette.
  • Inez.
  • Samone.
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.



    Vitralsha culture is quite peculiar, even compared to the many other cultures within Cericor. It is centralized around the Healthcare Edict and the Cericor Hospital, along with their reverse-engineered Devi-Tech and their own struggle for a unified identity.
    Some would call them an introverted culture that borders on isolationism at times, while at times of disaster, they showcase extrovert behavior and may literally be seen running towards danger.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Their Stigma

    Healthcare Fright

    The reasons for this are several; one of the biggest is the stigma connected to them. As a group that is so intricately synonymous with the wounded and ill, as well as disasters, one should not be surprised that the common man likes to keep themselves distanced from them, despite the fact that it has been shown that the Vitralshar are incapable of transmitting diseases and ill luck.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Exotic Appearance

    Another is due to their exotic appearance, along with their capabilities and how they came to be they way they are. Apart from also giving the Cericor Hospital a darker reputation, there is also a fear of becoming like them if one stays to near them for too long, which so far has not proven to be the case.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.


    The third reason is their hold over reverse-engineered Devi-Tech; commonly known as Vitralsha-Tech. Deví-Tech in general is looked upon with suspicion and fear by most common men due to their inherent connection to the Devíans and the Eternal Conflict, as well as the slight risk of their reality altering effects.
    However, the fact that the Vitralshar is one of the few groups that have managed to reverse-engineer the tech makes some worried about the thought that they may be closer to the Devíans than one might first have assumed. The truth is that they have merely taken the Devi-Tech and managed to replicate an inferior variant of it; though some will take great insult to this remark.
    What separates Vitralsha-Tech from Chyper-Tech for example, is that the former releases an seemingly unnecessary amount of Devían Energy to the point of wastefulness. The reason for this, however, is quite simple and straightforward: The Vitralshar absorb the excess Devían Energy from their tech in order to sustain themselves. Fortunately, they are quite adamant to make sure the patients of the Cericor Hospital are kept safe from the excess, within reasonable perimeters. What the Vitralshar-Tech is mostly focused on is also quite easy to figure out; medical and lab equipment that allow them to work at peak-efficiency. Only a small portion of their tech-research department works with security equipment.  
      The Vitralshar guards their technological secretes quite well, especially when it comes to drug manufacturing equipment. Only certified personnel is allowed into the deeper portions of the Cericor Hospital where the bulk of their technological equipment can be found. They consider it all part of who they are and also sees it as their main source of sustenance; without it they would literally starve to death.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Identity Crisis

    The age-old question regarding whether the Vitralsha should be counted as a species or a ethnicity has been nagging them for so long it has grown to become part of their culture. As mentioned, two factions has grown up around this, with one group being undecided or neutral: the Species Faction, the Ethnicity Faction and the Undecided.
    While on duty, they will keep up facades in front of the patients and the freelancers, as per the Healthcare Edict. But behind the scenes, there is, what some would call, a political war that is raging, one that actively affects both the legal and illegal circles in more ways than one.
    At the moment, the Ethnicity Faction and the Undecided hold majority members, and has been since the beginning of all of this. Most new members are part of the Undecided, with the older Vitralshar having chosen a Faction that supports their ideology. It should also be noted that each of the two Factions have their own sub-factions as well, with their ideals and views on the ideology of the parent faction. While no transparent knowledge of the Faction situation is known to the public, rumors still go about and some hint at that a breaking-point may soon be reached.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.


    When it comes to clothing, Vitralshar can be seen wearing one of either three types: medical uniforms, security uniforms or civilian apparel.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    On-Duty Apparel

    Their on-duty apparel is considered by many to be quite sterile and clean-cut in regards to fashion, regardless if they are security or medical staff. Some would also describe them as being geometric and breathable.
    Of course, there are some stark differences between the apparel of the security force and medical staff. The security force, for example, are dressed in sleek and dynamic protective militaristic apparel that is lightly tinted green and white; the same goes for their helmeted visor. The medical staff on their end are dressed in loose-fitting, blue-and white apparel, and over that they usually wear a snow-white coat.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Civilian Clothing

    When it comes to the civilian clothing of the Vitralsha, then one will notice that the different ideologies of their factions play a big role. Those who merely sees themselves as an ethnicity will usually wear the latest Cericorian fashion or whichever style of clothing they find fitting. The ones who consider themselves a new species, however, will usually wear clothing in similar style as that of their on-duty garb. Of course, there are exceptions to this.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.



    The main export of the Vitralsha is deeply connected to their Vitralsha-Tech. But first one might wonder, why they would deal with exports in the first place, and the answer is quite simple; funding. The materials needed to run a hospital smoothly are not cheap and while the Cericor Hospital does receive a more-than-enough heft donation by the Cericor Government, some additional income is not seen as anything negative.
    However, due to the Healthcare Edict, they cannot charge their patients with money for their services, and most look down upon that idea in general. But there is a loophole that is viscously exploited: those who are not patients of the hospital or who have been part in a disaster, need to buy medical equipment and services if they wished to acquire some for certain situations.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Drugs & Vaccines

    Due to this, Vitralsha are fully capable of selling anything from drugs and vaccines, to medical equipment and medical services, though vaccine shots are rarely sold due to being so integral with the Healthcare Edict.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Vitralsha Technology

    Another major part of their exports is Vitralsha Technology, though nothing major, and most of it goes to the black market and usually ends up within D.U.S.C. Most of it is security force weapons and tactical gear, though heart-defibrillators, blood-pressure, and heart-rate monitors, along with X-Ray machines are also put on the market.
    Though due to the hefty prices, not much ends up concerning the common man, and a big portion is also bought by the other high-tech factions in the city, like the Phasma Ecto Society.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Biological Traits


    Vitralshar have quite a peculiar appearance. Their bodies appear to be made out of smooth, crystalline transparent glass as if they have been sculpted by passionate masters across several decades. If one would take a close enough look, one would even notice the pores on their glassy skin, as well as each individual strand of hair.
    Despite what one may think if one sees one of them standing still, though, they are fully capable of moving about as if they were still made out of flesh and bones.
    In regards to their skin, it can change between feeling soft and squishy or hard and stiff. It can be either a conscious or subconscious response to an outside situation; soft and squishy means for the most part that they are feeling safe or possibly even aroused, while hard and stiff skin is more of a threat response.
    An interesting tidbit is that the inside of their mouths, along with their tongue, teeth and throat are more reminiscent of ice than of crystalline glass and are not transparent.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Fractal Webs

    Each Vitralsha looks like they did prior to the transmutation process and even if one lives for centuries, they will not change in appearance.
    That is if one excludes the cracks and fractals within their bodies, known simply as Fractal Webs; each Fractal Web has a unique pattern that is believed to be a representation of their nervous system, which due to the pain felt throughout the transmutation process, left marks on the structure of their new body.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Fungal growths

    Another noticeable characteristic for the Vitralshar is that, from time to time, tiny Vitralsha Fungai will grow on their limbs, usually on their shoulders and along their arms; these can and usually are filed away due to the nervousness that may be felt by the patients and freelancers, though it should be noted that these fungal does not release spores.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Vitralsha Root Vines

    The most exotic of the characteristics the Vitralsha have, are the Vitralsha Root Vines. They erupt from the chest area, and the most noticeable ones climb across a particular limb, such as the shoulder and arm or the waist and leg. These root vines are the most crystalline, and look a bit like blood veins in terms of shape and size.
    However, most root vines are thin as a spider's silky threads and are barely noticed, even by the Vitralsha themselves. Some theorize that they function as an external blood system.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.


    Vitralshar are being given certain supernatural capabilities after their transmutation ascendency. Some are more noticeable than others, and some are seen as more predicaments than positives.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Physical Invulnerability

    Vitralshar are nigh-invulnerable to physical trauma, due to the metaphysical and physical structure of their crystalline glass bodies.
    One example of this is that you could literally throw them into an active volcano -- or an acid bath -- and in due time, they would manage to crawl out of it, no worse for wear than as if they had been thrown down a waterfall.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Disease Immunity

    One thing that has made Vitralshar so exemplary at treating the ill, is that they appear to have complete immunity against all manner of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and pathogens. It matters not if they are of a mundane or esoteric nature, nor if they are natural or artificial.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Poison Resistence

    Vitralshar also showcase extreme resistance against all forms of poisons, venoms, and toxins as well, and so far it has been shown that only ridiculously high dosages of some of the more esoteric variants are capable of extinguishing the light within their eyes.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Energy Absorbation

    Vitralshar are not capable of eating or drinking like they used to, but instead of going through a prolonged, painful period of starvation, they can instead sustain themselves by, either subconsciously or consciously, absorbing excess Devían Energy produced by Deví-Tech, or a Devían Entity or Artefact. Some theorize that the process may be similar to the photosynthesis of plant life.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.


    Longlivety is a factual part of Vitralshar existence though the extent it varies between specimens.
    Most are capable of living for several centuries, or possibly even millennia, while an unfortunate few only live for perhaps two centuries after their transmutation process; the main reason behind this is believed to be due to prolonged stress.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.

    Enhanced Physicality

    Vitralshar can lift thrice their own weight and this is something they quickly need to learn how to control, otherwise, they run the risk of easily breaking patients' bones or destroying delicate medical equipment.
    It has also been calculated that they can run, at full sprint, up to 80 kilometers per hour, for three hours straight, before needing to wind down. If they have access to Devían Energy then they can go on for even longer periods of time, or go at faster speeds for shorter distances.  
    — Etchinities within Varldstan Cericor.
    Cericor Hospital.
    Cericor Hospital District.
    Vitralsha Distrct.
    Hospital Staff.
    The Transparant Ones.
    The Invulnarable.
    The Healers.
    The Caretakers.
    Life Takers.
    Sick Bringers.
    Species Faction.
    Ethnicity Faction.
    The Undecided.


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