Herzauge Fungi


The Herzauge fungi is an astralphysical floral species that can be found in a few sparse environments and locations across Alézun'Teran. It appears to flourish in areas that have been exposed to and is affected by Scorched Radiation. It will usually grow in clusters of five or seven.  
— Astralphysical Flora.

Cause of a Condition

Similar to Vitralsha Fungi, it has quite a reputation due to it being the origin of quite an eye-catching condition known as Herzauge Blossoming. Thus it is considered a moderate health-risk to general Melathi. And due to its astralphysical nature it is literally invisible to the naked human eye, so one will not ordinarily notice that any Herzauge Fungi growing nearby before someone is affected by its spores.  
— Astralphysical Flora.

Growth locations

Herzauge fungi is primarily concentrated within the confines of the well-known Herzauge District in Varldstan Cericor, as well as Nekaset. It has also been spotted growing on a few locations in Varldstan Niarem, the Wilds of Creastvkr and the Grave Plains of Kanzertum.  
— Astralphysical Flora.


Herzauge fungi has a colorful exterior that is more akin to ordinary fungi flesh rather than a crystalline exterior as is the case with Vitralsha Fungi. It is soft and slightly moist to the touch.
It is primarily shaded in a mixture of red-purple, orange-white and black-blue, and will — especially during cold nights — give off illuminating bluish-white vapor.  
— Astralphysical Flora.

Herzauge fungi flowers

Its most characteristic feature are the flower that will grow on its exterior; radiant crimson-violet ones that will only bloom once every year, where after they will release a handful of spores to be carried about by astralphysical winds.  
— Astralphysical Flora.
Connected Conditions
Herzauge Blossoming.
Type, Reality
Affected by
Scorched Radiation.
Type, Floral


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