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Dust Devil

Dust Devil soda is a carbonated beverage originating from the Free Faces League. Flavored with citrus and red pepper extracts, Dust Devil has spicy, smokey, and sour notes to it that make it pair well with barbecue on a hot Eastern summer's day.

Manufacturing process

Dust Devil is still a mostly natural product after nearly 100 years of production and fine tuning. The flavors come from fresh red chilis, habaneros, limes, lemons and a secret blend of bitter herbs, each of which is crushed, steeped, and rendered with steam and distilled alcohol to extract the flavors. The alcohol content of the finished product is undetectably low, as most of this boils off or evaporates before the process is concluded; a hard seasonal variant is sold in local Triple Mesa stores during the frigid month of Abirsten, but it can also be sampled at the conclusion of the ever-popular Dust Devil Brewery tour.


While many people enjoy straight Dust Devil on the rocks, the beverage is best known as a mixer for strong distilled spirits. Dust Devil vodka and Dust Devil tequila are popular choices for Vyozha games using the Mesa Mistake variant; indeed, contestants in the Ironies' Grand Prix from the Coalition states often choose Dust Devil tequila as their tipple of choice.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Dust Devil is Ubiquitous throughout the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies and the Free Faces League in particular. MartMart International widely stocks Dust Devil alongside bottles of Colonade despite (or perhaps as an effort to lampshade) the ongoing conflict between the Coalition and Voxelia who originate the beverages respectively. Soda jerks and bartenders as far away as the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy carry Dust Devil syrup as a mixer.

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This is a very interesting drink. I'm quite intrigued by how it is able to fulfill multiple roles in many cuisine cultures at the same time.