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Overview- Malcera Chronicles, Book One: The Ruling


One man became the ruler of a nation.   One man dissolved a system built on oppression.   One man is lauded as the savior of his people...   And one girl longs to bring about his death.   In the country of Malcera, Lord Protector Sir Alton Treadnight has done away with the harsh and oppressive feudal system, praised as a hero by nobles and peasants alike. But Kalia, a fifteen-year-old peasant girl, knows all too well the darkness that lurks behind Sir Alton's benevolent facade, and her only desire is to avenge herself for the suffering he has caused her. Embarking on a dangerous journey in search of a fabled rebel, Kalia finds herself consumed by her hatred- until she learns of her part in Malcera's greatest secret, a secret known only as   THE RULING.

Plot points/Scenes

Book One, The Ruling, introduces us to the three factions at war for Malcera- the Protectorate, the Rebels and the Rogues. We see the tale play out through the eyes of fifteen-year-old Kalia Anzora, who is bent on repaying the Lord Protector Sir Alton Treadnight for the damage done to her family. As Kalia begins her journey to vengeance, she begins to learn the secrets of her country and the part she plays within them.


Hatred, prejudice, love, forgiveness



Kalia overhears soldiers talking about the rebellion. She grows incensed and dumps a bowl of hot soup onto one soldier. She then realizes how little her life truly means and how much more her cousin wanted for her. After the death of her aunt, Kalia sets out for Dakan.

Rising Action

Kalia journeys to Dakan and is introduced to the mountain's famed rebels. She reveals her royal blood, trains in the use of the anelace and later participates in a battle on the mountain, inadvertently causing Adamon Blackhold's death.


Kalia is sent to the court of Ronan Steele, but instead heads to the capital to attempt the assassination of Alton Treadnight. Before she can reach the capital, she is captured by Rogues and falls into the hands of the traitorous Faron Alamar. Desperate to learn her identity, the traitor has Kalia's cousin tortured. After an eleven day ordeal with neither Kyren nor Kalia revealing anything, Kalia receives a message from her enemy Galen Treadnight offering escape. She accepts his offer, and the pair make it as far as the Ruins of Tormelis before Kalia turns on Galen with a knife. Galen then reveals the secrets of the Ruling, which opens Kalia's eyes to the way her hate has blinded her.

Falling Action

Kalia and Galen part ways, and Kalia rescues Adina and the other Rebels from Tormelis. She has an opportunity to kill Lord Faron, but refuses it, proving the change within her. She and the Rebels return to Dakan to plan for war. Faron begins to form an idea of Kalia's identity, and seeks for proof of it.   In the epilogue, Sir Alton Treadnight goes to the king's prison cell, demanding an explanation of Kalia's existence. Kyren once again reveals nothing, answering his captor's questions with the cryptic sentence, "She is my hope." As Alton looks on in wonder, the captive king throws his head back, ending the first book with a joyful, inexplicable laugh.



Kalia's goal is to win her cousin's freedom and take Sir Alton's life. Galen's goal is to right the wrongs of his father.


Kalia knows that her beloved cousin was somehow involved with the Ruling as she herself is. However, she has no idea what message her cousin intended to send her or what the Ruling may mean.


Malcera will be enslaved if Kalia does not succeed. Her cousin will be killed and she herself will be hunted down by anyone who knows who she is.

Moral Quandaries

Hatred vs. Love, Vengeance vs. Forgiveness




Malcera, Lannita


Combat, Negotiation, Discussion, Meeting, Travel, Romance, Planning

Past Events

The Malcera War set the stage for the rivalry between the three factions, leaving Kyren Anzora a prisoner, Alton Treadnight in control, and Adina Thycaris a fugitive rebel.

Plot type
Medieval Fantasy

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