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Adamon Blackhold

Adamon Blackhold

Adamon Blackhold has left his past behind him. But it seems as if his past hasn't learned that yet. Memories find Adamon even on the isolated Mount Dakan, leading him to make the ultimate sacrifice "We're not your enemies at all." - Adamon Blackhold's final words

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong, agile, fit

Body Features

Tanned, scarred, roughened skin from years of battle

Facial Features

Scars, permanent scowl, bushy yellow eyebrows

Physical quirks


Apparel & Accessories

Wears simple clothing of linen or leather

Specialized Equipment

Sword, curved dagger, other exotic weapons

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Adamon Blackhold grew up on the streets. At the age of five he was taken in by the Rogue Band. Showing a remarkable aptitude for swords and weaponry, Adamon was treated as a rising star among the Rogues, the legend who would return their band to its former glory. This treatment instilled in him a deep hatred for the Council of Warriors and later on for King Kyren Anzora. In middle age, Adamon, then a commander, took several companies of Rogues and ransacked three villages, in the hope that the young, inexperienced king would insist on dealing with the threat himself. Anzora, however, proved himself to be no such fool, sending Adina Thycaris and a more capable company to deal with Adamon and his men. The Rogues managed to win the victory and Thycaris was taken captive back to their headquarters, where most of the commanding officers voted in favor of killing her. Adamon, however, respecting Thycaris' brilliant maneuvering and honorable defeat, vetoed the action. He was shouted down, but later that night he assisted Thycaris in escape. She, knowing that he had thrown away any future among the Rogues, offered him residence in one of her eastern manors, which he accepted. He remained there until Thycaris fled to Dakan before the Battle of Talamor, joining her on the mountain as the third member of the Rebel faction. He proved himself an invaluable asset during Thycaris' many subsequent raids. Friction entered Adamon's life with the arrival of Kalia Anzora. Without knowledge of her identity, Adamon offered to teach her the use of the paired anelace daggers for close combat. Soon after, Kalia accidentally let her cousin's name slip, revealing who she was. Out of his own dislike for the Anzora family, Adamon vowed to have nothing to do with the girl. Lady Thycaris, however, ordered him to keep his promise and teach Kalia the use of the anelace. The young princess adopted the same attitude of mistrust toward Adamon, especially when she discovered that he had been a Rogue. The two spent an uneasy winter in a rocky student/teacher relationship. By the end of the winter, Kalia was able to best Adamon in combat. This new skill came in handy when the Rebel spy Galen Treadnight brought news of an imminent attack by his father's forces. Thycaris made the decision to abandon the invasion tunnels for the lower country. After three days of flight the Rebels ran into an ambush by Protectorate forces. For the sake of keeping her identity a secret, Kalia was ordered to stay hidden during the skirmish. She ignored the order, instead working her way around the flank and attacking the Protectorate commander. Adamon, realizing that the young woman was outmatched, rushed up the hillside toward her as she was overcome. Seconds before the commander would have struck her down, Adamon jerked Kalia out of the way, taking the fatal blow himself. Lady Thycaris came to Adamon's side as a puzzled Kalia asked him why he had taken her place. He answered by expressing his desire to see Kalia take her rightful place in the Ruling, and explained that he had wanted to show her that even a Rogue could change. Adamon died seconds later and was buried on the hill above the battlefield.


Adamon is literate, with an "education" in warfare provided by the Rogue Band.


Formerly a member of the Rogue Band, now allied with the Rebels.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Sacrificed his life for Kalia

Morality & Philosophy

Adamon generally sees things only one way- his way. With a viewpoint developed by the Rogue band, Adamon is rough and uncouth compared to the other Rebels.

Personality Characteristics


Motivated to make up for his past as a Rogue.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely good with weapons, less so with social skills

Virtues & Personality perks

Strong, honest

Vices & Personality flaws

Cynical, rude, bitter, jaded


Unkempt and scruffy


Contacts & Relations

Adina Thycaris, Corby Estonor, Galen Treadnight, Kalia Anzora

Social Aptitude

Brashly cynical, says whatever is on his mind


Uses sarcasm, insults and saying the opposite of what he really means as shaming tactics

Wealth & Financial state

Adamon spent most of his ill-gained wealth on weapons and armor. He doesn't much care about money.
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Honorary & Occupational Titles
Commander (formerly, among the Rogues)
749 796
Circumstances of Death
Adamon sacrificed himself to save the life of the princess.
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Scruffy, unkempt, yellow
Five feet ten inches
One hundred fifty pounds
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Believe me, if they know how to break you, they'll do it. Only way to prevent it is to fight so hard they never get the chance."
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Character Theme Songs:  

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