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Rebels of Dakan

Kept alive only by a handful of warriors on a mist-shrouded mountain, the Protectorate never considered Kyren Anzora's remnant to be a threat- until a young woman bent on vengeance arrived, armed with the royal blade and her own dark intentions.   "It is only finished for a time. You will find my cause hard to murder, old friend." - Kyren Anzora


The Rebels are a close-knit, family community united by their love for the king- or their hatred of the Lord Protector.

Public Agenda

The Rebels' goal is to restore the Anzora monarchy and overthrow the Protectorate.


Loyalty, dedication


Begun by Adina Thycaris in the king's name, the Rebellion remained small and insignificant until the arrival of Kalia Anzora, the king's cousin, who quickly brought Protectorate attention down upon the faction.

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